Earth different from other planets in our galaxy

Earth different Land is an exception among the habitable planets in our galaxy: their chemical composition is totally different from the Earth. This is the conclusion the authors of an article in preprint arXiv. Brief research reports New Scientist. The Portuguese University of Porto and his colleagues studied the stars, the mass and the radius of which is different from the sun, and in the habitable zone of a planet there, where the water is present in liquid form. It was found that iron and other metals in the composition of these stars is less than that of the stars around which address only the uninhabited planet.

Since the planet’s chemical composition close to its star, the celestial bodies in the area of ​​life is usually less metal than in the bowels of the Earth and the Sun, scientists have decided. As a rule, around the iron-rich stars are rotating massive rocky body, wrapped in a giant gasbag. Continue reading “Earth different from other planets in our galaxy”

Astronomers have discovered a fast-moving star in our Galaxy

discovered GalaxyStar, guided in our galaxy at a speed of 1200 kilometers per second, watched international team of astronomers at the European Southern Observatory in Chile. Star, designated US 708, is considered the fastest celestial body, moving in the direction of the galactic center. As noted in this connection at the Institute of Hawaii Eugene magnesium, “at this rate the distance from the Earth to the Moon can be overcome in 5 minutes.”Another feature of the “fast” stars that previously it was part of a binary system consisting of a red giant – a star with high luminosity and a white dwarf – the compact star, comparable to the mass of the sun. Continue reading “Astronomers have discovered a fast-moving star in our Galaxy”

The biggest planet in the galaxy

Biggest planetJust a year ago, scientists using telescopes ALMA saw a stunner – the creation of a huge planet in the Milky Way galaxy, which was given the title of the largest planet in the galaxy.

Astronomer at Cardiff University with the help of a powerful telescope ALMA lucky enough to watch the process of the birth of the biggest stars of the galaxy the Milky Way. Mass protostellar clouds formed 500 times larger than the diameter of the Sun, and its luminosity was higher by several orders of magnitude. Continue reading “The biggest planet in the galaxy”

Bad news for humanity

habitable exoplanetScientists announced the discovery of Kepler-186f, planet 492 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus. Kepler-186f especially since the discovery marks the first planet about the same size as Earth, in a potentially habitable zone – the distance from the star, within which may be liquid water and life.

The news said little about what this discovery increases the chances of human extinction in the short term. This concept is called The Great Filter. Continue reading “Bad news for humanity”

Neighboring galaxy Seen cosmic explosion

 explosionStaff NASA Swift space observatory reported a powerful explosion, which occurred May 28, 2014 in the neighboring Andromeda galaxy at 01:21 Moscow time. This explosion is known as gamma-ray burst is one of the most powerful electromagnetic events in the Universe.

The exact cause of these phenomena is unknown, but it is believed that gamma-ray burst occurs when two neutron stars collide. This dead core of stars with a mass as our sun, enclosed with a size of a small town. When they collide, explosion is so powerful that it can be seen throughout the universe. Continue reading “Neighboring galaxy Seen cosmic explosion”

Discovered the most powerful black hole in the Universe

Black holeScientists have discovered the most powerful in the universe known to us today of black holes. Unprecedented power black hole was discovered by astronomers using data from X-ray Observatory Chandra X-ray, as well as other ground-based telescopes.

Because of its strong influence in the surrounding gas cloud, the formation of new stars phased out for many millions of years ago, but the black hole forms a truly gigantic structure. Black hole of unprecedented power located in the galactic cluster called RX J1532.9 +3021. Continue reading “Discovered the most powerful black hole in the Universe”

Andromeda Galaxy

GalaxyAndromeda spiral galaxy belongs to a group of galaxies, called the Local Group. This group currently comprises more than 50 different galaxies. Their number is growing by the discovery of new galaxies in the universe. Conventionally this group can be divided into the following subgroups-

Triangulum Galaxy and its satellites of the Milky Way galaxy and its satellites and the Andromeda Galaxy and its satellites, as well as the rest of the galaxy, which can not be attributed to existing subgroups. Continue reading “Andromeda Galaxy”

An earthquake

earthAn earthquake measuring 6.7 on the southern island of Java caused a tsunami threat

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.7 occurred on Monday morning in the south of the Indonesian and of Java According to seismologists, the epicenter of the quake was situated 412 kilometers from the capital,Jakarta. Hearth aftershocks lie at a depth of 24 kilometers. Data on casualties and damage have been reported yet.

Indonesian seismologists revised to 7.1 magnitude earthquake and the tsunami threat announced The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in a press release announced the tsunami threat for all territories in the Indian Ocean.

In 2004, the eastern coast of the Indonesian and of Sumatran December 26 was one of the strongest and most destructive earthquakes in modern history. Continue reading “An earthquake”

Secrets of the moon-Difficulties with low gravity

 low gravityWhile seriousness on the moon is equal to only one-sixth of Earth’s gravity, to move across its surface – a real feat. Buzz Aldrin said that to establish settlement on the Moon will be very difficult: the feet of astronauts in bulky spacesuits were buried in the lunar dust by almost 15 cm

Despite the low seriousness, inertia on the moon is high, so move quickly or change direction there difficult. Continue reading “Secrets of the moon-Difficulties with low gravity”

Absolutely black sun

SunThe second principle of thermodynamics orthogonality given in the form of the absolute prohibition of obtaining energy from the colder body. It turns out that the body, as it knows  who warming, and from whom warmed . However, no mystery there is not.

After all, the colder body gives radiation, and this radiation is absorbed by warmer. Reflection is usually negligible. Not disappear completely as radiation less hot completely, reaching hotter. Just hotter body gives more than the heated body than it receives from. Also, electromagnetic waves are mutually transparent. Continue reading “Absolutely black sun”