Most top 10 gadgets in 2013

gadgets in 2013Year 2013 was rich in new items from a variety of consumer electronics sectors. Began selling the long-awaited Smart Pebble hours and contact less controller Leap Motion, Apple has transformed the iPad, making the tablet even lighter and thinner appeared first touch Chrome books, and Sony and Microsoft for the first time 6-7 years updated their consoles. Vesti.Haytek remembered ten most important gadgets, published in 2013.

Smart Pebble Watch: Last year, high-profile projects Pebble attracted a record 10.2 million dollars, and in January 2013th smart watch finally went on sale . Now you can order them on the company website for $ 150 c delivery worldwide. Continue reading “Most top 10 gadgets in 2013”

10 most important gadgets

This is not grandiose inventions and breakthroughs in science. This is not a discovery, which changed the perception of the outside world. But these devices and technologies behind them have become the embodiment of the revolutionary concepts of interaction with the world of information in the field of entertainment and communications. They will remain in the history of the electronics industry as the original icon, the point of changing trends indicated the turning points of the era of information technology. Top-10,
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