The material of the future

Researchers from the University of California at Riverside found that material of the future graphene promising to revolutionize many areas of technology, is not safe. He can have a devastating impact on human health and the environment. Graphene – a material with unique properties, many people associate with him the future of the electronics industry.… Read more The material of the future

The Future of the Universe

Future of the universe – an issue dealt with in the framework of physical cosmology. Various scientific theories predicted set of possible options for the future, among which there are views of the destruction as well as the infinite life of the universe. After the theory of the creation of the universe through the Big… Read more The Future of the Universe

Scientists say it is possible to predict the future

Scientists airman queue possible producer future e1352040622698 300×214 Scientists airman queen possible reducer  future Have you ever had any feeling about something is about to happen? Now, some scientists claim they can predict the future. The technical team responsible for the investigation and said at the time that our unconscious mind knows more than our conscious mind. However,… Read more Scientists say it is possible to predict the future

The World in 2030

Companies and governments have to make educated guesses as some of today’s investment will stretch for more than 20 years. In December, the National Intelligence (NIC) published its U.S. assumptions: Global Trends 2030: alternate worlds. NIC predicted to transform the world in which “no country, whether it be the U.S., China or any other major… Read more The World in 2030

History oceans talk about the climate in the future

Scientists declare that every drop of water in the oceans contain the memory of organic matter always get into the water. Deciphering the code, scientists can find out what happened to the Earth millions of years ago. So whether it’s leading “Morning of Russia” asked the head of the Department of Biophysics, Moscow State University,… Read more History oceans talk about the climate in the future