Franco and Freemasonry

Franco Everyone knows antipathy, if not hatred, I felt Franco by Freemasonry. Franco Masonry considered one of the seven enemies of Spain to eradicate. All this he did in the alleged defense of the nation and its roots in the most orthodox Catholicism values. However, it is known that Franco had a hidden facet was shown in all esoteric symbols introduced along its long mandato.

Cabe argue that not everything in Franco was Catholic righteousness. Some of his decisions show beliefs that go beyond the traditional Christian faith and deepen further. But among all these beliefs, it is known that Franco wanted to sign on at least two occasions in Masonic orders. Continue reading “Franco and Freemasonry”

Freemasonry – teaching out of time

Most sources devoted to Freemasonry, turn to the past, to the history of this doctrine – one of the oldest existing in the world. At the same time, very little is known about the modern Masons. This is not surprising, as the representatives of the secret order do not seek publicity … And yet, our correspondent Irina Shlionskoy managed to get some answers. Her companion was an expert on Freemasonry, known Moscow lawyer Rustam Chernov.

When there was teaching?

Officially – in the XVIII century. But some Masonic rituals date back to very ancient times, some researchers believe that they have before our era.

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