Flooding by heavy rains in France

FloodNumber of victims of floods caused by heavy rains in southern France, in the areas of Cannes and Nice, has reached 13 people. On the last night in this part of the French Riviera in three hours has dropped two monthly norms of precipitation. Flood waters swept many cities, washed away in a sea of ​​cars, and overflowed several rivers. Three men, members of one family, were killed in a car near the city of Valoris they are in the tunnel, which was instantly flooded with water.

A few people found the water in the underground parking from which they were trying to bring their cars. Their bodies still cannot be ejected. Three elderly Frenchmen died in his sleep at a nursing home near Antibes room on the first floor, where they slept, it was flooded with water. Continue reading “Flooding by heavy rains in France”

Fort Boyard, France- amazing islands in the world

BoyardWhat could be more unusual than a 200-year-old fortress that resembles a floating bath which removed a popular TV show? It is about Forte Boy yard located near the west coast of France.

Construction of the fortress was conceived as part of France’s military build-up in the 60s XVI-th century during the reign of Louis XIV, but work continued until 1809, the year sometimes suspended because of the attacks of the British: to build a foundation, workers had to put on the sandy bottom of the shallow water 75 thousand m 3 stones. Continue reading “Fort Boyard, France- amazing islands in the world”

In France-officially announced the beginning of the persecution of Christians

Christians persecutionIn the all EU countries , France is consistently carried out anti-Christian policy . The reasons are obvious – Christianity , according to the EU leadership is a threat to the ideas of European integration , because it contradicts the new European values . So , for example, same-sex marriages  or a system of total control. Under the banner of tolerance and political correctness predominantly white Christians consistently tried to oust from all spheres of public life – from school , army, prisons , government. From the streets of European cities are trying to remove Christmas trees , which , they say, offend the feelings of Jews and Muslims. Continue reading “In France-officially announced the beginning of the persecution of Christians”

Lake in France turns blood red

The river delta of Camargue in France is home to the peculiar spectacle of water that turns blood red.

Scientists believe that the reason this happens is because of the high salt concentration in the water, the salt can be found encrusting everything along the lake’s shoreline including plants, branches and rocks.

While a perfectly safe and natural phenomenon, some people who have seen photographs of the blood-red waters have jumped to an altogether Continue reading “Lake in France turns blood red”

Gorge in turquoise waters in France

turquoise watersOne of the rivers (and throat) most beautiful of all Europe. And the images add points for that. With about 25 kilometers long and up to 700 meters deep, the Verdon Gorge is located southeast of France and earns its name from the color of water in turquoise.

The most impressive section is located between the towns of Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, fortified by a fall of limestone and the route leading to the artificial lake of Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon.
Continue reading “Gorge in turquoise waters in France”