Clouds formed a hexagon on Saturn

SaturnPlanet Saturn has been startling scientists. At the South Pole is a mysterious Vortex, sometimes referred to as and the storm in the Northern clouds form a Hexagon, which do not decompose even during their rotation.

For the first time an unusual phenomenon noticed even the spacecraft Voyager 1, launched in 1977 to Saturn, and most recently, similar images transmitted to Earth interplanetary station.

Exposed a huge crater formed millions of years before

craterThe University of Saskatchewan and the Geological Survey of Canada exposed a huge crater formed millions of years before in the western Canadian Arctic.

The crater, located on the north-west of Victoria Island, is about 25 km in width.  This is the thirtieth of the create in Canada.

“An Impact crater like this tells us how to update the crust and what is the rate of erosion – explains Brian Pratt of the University of Saskatchewan.  – Thus, it helps to understand the role that meteorites may have played in mass extinctions. ”
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