Forest as if from another planet

Some of the forest on our planet are far more wonderful than those that have been established science novel writers of all time. Walk trails present the most fantastic magical forests of the world.

1. Crooked Forest, Poland

For these trees growing in the woods close to the town ofGriffin, we only know that they were planted in the thirties of the last century. Hypotheses on the origin of this odd form of trunks vary – some states their intentional deformation for the manufacture of a comfortable timber ships, and some believe that during the Second World War by barely taken shape saplings drove tanks, tracks that are not broken, but ever hurting them. Continue reading “Forest as if from another planet”

NASA discovered a “forest” under the Arctic ice

A scientific expedition in conjunction with the U.S. space center, said that the Arctic Ocean is green staining of the proliferation of microscopic marine plants, which are essential for life on other seas, but had not survived until now in a ecosystem so cold.Global warming is behind a phenomenon that has not been detected in its full extent.The expedition ICESCAPE (short for Climate Impacts on Ecosystems and Chemistry of the Arctic) explored the waters of the Beaufort and Chukchi seas in Alaska aboard a U.S. icebreaker.
“We have seen a massive growth of phytoplankton between 800 centimeters and 1.3 meters in the first-year ice cover in the Chukchi Sea,” say the authors. This layer extends over 100 kilometers, a phenomenon that had not been observed so far. Changes in the Arctic had been detected by satellite imagery from NASA. It was thought that these plants green tinged water and are the basis of the marine food chain, only grew after the retreating sea ice, which occurs in summer. The problem, says biologist Sam Laney, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, is that, as a downpour made the desert bloom, the accumulation of melt water in short periods of time in the Arctic have important effects on the ecosystem. According to their analysis, the ice thinned, sunlight reaches the waters beneath the permafrost on the sea, allowing the plant to develop. Continue reading “NASA discovered a “forest” under the Arctic ice”

A walk on the roof of a cloud forest in Costa Rica

MurchCosta Rica has numerous examples of cloud forests . Also known as cloud forests are subtropical mountain that much of the time are covered exactly fog, constant humidity generated by an ecosystem covered with moss and dense vegetation. Located at higher elevations, you can imagine, a kind of overview in tour scenery that is often more difficult. In Costa Rica, there are reserves such as Monteverde and Santa Elena, where we make things easier with a walk on the green roof over thousands of meters of walkways and suspension bridges.
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Earth to prepare humanity unpleasant surprises

The International Committee on Global Change and the geological environment GEOCHANGE (Germany), President of the Global Network of Earthquake Prediction (England) Elchin Khalilov has warned the world’s population of impending natural cataclysms.
According to scientists, the strongest earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March this year, as well as several major eruptions were caused by only one of the cycles of increased seismic activity of Earth.
Cycles of increased activity associated with the Earth releases energy core and mantle. There are a variety of periods, which are characterized by different strength and frequency (millions of years or months) of these emissions. According to Elchin Khalilov, the fact that the crust ceased to fluctuate after the devastating earthquake in Japan, does not mean that in the near future everything will be easy – simply there is an accumulation of energy, which spill new destructive natural phenomena. Continue reading “Earth to prepare humanity unpleasant surprises”

Magical power of flowers

flowersThe ancient times, essential betrayed bouquets and flowers. Each flower bouquet in a unique a unique symbol.Even picking flowers in a special way, so much so that it was possible to understand at once that wanted to give this bouquet to symbolize your wonderful gift.Without exception, all the flowers, it was believed then to have strong backers in the world of spirits and gods.Here, for example, the moon belongs to all snow-white flowers and lilies are given only windy personages.Color Sunshine – orange. Since ancient times, sun worship our ancestors, the Slavs, they borrowed Yarily warmth and a rich harvest. Continue reading “Magical power of flowers”

Found a rare alabaster colossus

The burial temple of the Egyptian Pharaoh XVIII dynasty Amenhotep III (ca. 1390-1352 years. BC) in the area of ​​Kom El-Hettan on the west bank of Luxor Project participants have the conservation Colossi of Memnon and the temple of Amenhotep III discovered the alabaster colossus great governor.
In addition, we find the head of a deity, but also restored the stele and the head of the statue of the same king.
Zahi Hawass, the State Minister for Antiquities, said that the colossal statue of Amenhotep III depicts him sitting in a headdress called Nemesia and pleated skirt (Shandy). Beard has been removed in accordance with the royal dignity.Sculpture found in the passage leading to the third pylon funerary temple, 200 meters behind the Colossi of Memnon guarding the first pylon. Continue reading “Found a rare alabaster colossus”

Flying Girl in The Forest

GirlThe attention of Internet users. It shows, neither more nor less – flying girl.
Video entitled “Flying Girl in the Russian forest”, was presented on Youtube, the user Jevgenij2000, March 2, 2009, and to date has attracted over 137,000 spectators. Most of the hits was after the January 4, 2011.
“I filmed during a walk with my dog. I can not explain what happened there, “- wrote the author of Eugene. Continue reading “Flying Girl in The Forest”

The first meeting with the unknown

My first encounters with the unknown world began, I believe, from school, when my hands accidentally hit unique textbook psychology. Since that time I began to actively study the science of psychology and everything connected with it. Over time, the fascination with psychology has to grow into a study of the psychic sciences. Further – more. Against the backdrop of mysterious fascination of science, I even began self-improvement. All of these things eventually escalated into an unknown reality research. At the present time, I believe researchers contacted. And this – a special subject.
My parents were not wealthy people, at home did not even have television, because mommy and daddy all the time repeated that TV destroys brain cells and leads to a total of laziness of mind and underdevelopment of human creativity. Completely absent
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Naked Bigfoot was caught in a camera lens

Last Month Nov. 30 this year in the reserve in the U.S. state of Louisiana (Berwick near Morgan City, Louisiana). At least so says its anonymous author – a hunter of deer, place the camera for observing wildlife.
Now, in many wild places surveillance cameras are installed – they puts cryptozoology, are looking for “Bigfoot”. Or Bigfoot, also known as a creature. Maybe it has finally caught?
Cryptozoology doubt. Yeti – ragged, and in the frame for some bare-creation. Yeti powerful, and there simply scallywag with glowing like a cat’s eyes.
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The Immaculate Snakes Conception

snakesScientists first discovered in boas case of “Immaculate Conception” – birth of female offspring without male participation. Article describing the unusual observations appeared in the journal Biology Letters. Brief paper writes BBC News.
Reproduction without males (parthenogenesis) is known for many species of invertebrates, particularly for insects. Among the vertebrates, parthenogenesis has been found, for example, lizards and some fish, but this method of propagation is very less common.
For boas Boa constrictor cases of parthenogenesis have hitherto been unknown. The authors of the new work found a snake that has produced 22 calves without his father. In order to ensure that they are born pantheon genetically, the researchers conducted a genetic analysis of their potential and their fathers.
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