Earth to prepare humanity unpleasant surprises

The International Committee on Global Change and the geological environment GEOCHANGE (Germany), President of the Global Network of Earthquake Prediction (England) Elchin Khalilov has warned the world’s population of impending natural cataclysms. According to scientists, the strongest earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March this year, as well as several major eruptions were caused by… Read more Earth to prepare humanity unpleasant surprises

The Immaculate Snakes Conception

Scientists first discovered in boas case of “Immaculate Conception” – birth of female offspring without male participation. Article describing the unusual observations appeared in the journal Biology Letters. Brief paper writes BBC News. Reproduction without males (parthenogenesis) is known for many species of invertebrates, particularly for insects. Among the vertebrates, parthenogenesis has been found, for… Read more The Immaculate Snakes Conception