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Oversize footprint 200 million years

FootprintDid they live once giants on Earth? The footprint of Goliath, as the locals call this phenomenon, is one of the secrets of South Africa.

Michael Tellinger shows what could be one of the best pieces of evidence that there were giants on Earth a long, long time. Geologists have marveled at this giant footprint printed in rough granite, about 4 feet long.

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A footprint of 500 million years

footprintThe fossil footprint was originated in June 1968 by William J.Meister, a fossil collector. This footprint is estimated to old about 300 – 600 million years. A sandal that is crushing a trilobite: Is this proof that there were previous civilizations on earth, or visitors from other worlds?
Meister made the discovery during an unusual expedition to search for rocks and fossils at Antelope Spring, 43 miles west of Delta, Utah.
He was accompanied by his wife and two daughters. The committee had already discovered many small fossils of trilobites when Meister broke a thick plate of rock more than two inches with his hammer and discovered the unique imprint. The rock opened like a book Meister could say afterwards “on one side of the footprint of a man”.
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The huge footprint in the history of mankind

mankind One can endlessly argue on the reliability of this picture, one thing is clear – the orthodox science of humankind is to review the causes and theories of our civilization.

It should be said that the world prior to the flood, is radically different from today. Natural conditions to ensure the existence of giant plants and animals.

The atmosphere of the ancient world, contained 50% more oxygen than at present (this fact was discovered in the study of amber with the “mothballed” bubbles). People living in such conditions, of course, could have significant growth. If there were facts that go beyond natural events, in these conditions could appear real giants.
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