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Ukrainian middle peasant salary is only enough food and clothing

SalaryOver the past three years in Ukraine was a third less people receiving small (up to 1500 USD) salary. This is indicated by the data Gosstatistiki in the first three quarters. If in 2011 to 1,500 USD per month paid every third employee , then in 2013, is only one in four ( see infographic ) . But the number of average, receiving up to 3,000 USD per month , hardly changed : it was 38.2 % was 37.5%. Statistics for the first time beginning to recognize separately earnings of more than 10 thousand UAH, as it turned out , as is every 35 minutes or 2.8 % of workers. Read the rest of this entry »

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How long a person can live without food and water?

live without food Without the existence of water can lead to very serious consequences than the refusal of food. In hot weather without water a person can die in just a few hours from dehydration. Man, water is needed to maintain all vital processes in the body. Water is removed from the body through urine, sweat, feces, and even breathing. This process is necessary for our bodies. On a hot day the adult only then goes together with about 1.5 liters of water. The worst thing is that in the heat of the body temperature is increasing and if the body is not enough water, the person can die from heat stroke. Water in this case the body cools and reduces the temperature of the body. The first signs of dehydration: The drying of the mouth infrequent urination urine becomes darker in color and takes a sharp smell Moderate dehydration:

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Organic food-Yes or no?

Food ChemicalThe production of organic food is of greater benefit on the environment than conventional farming in some ways (not at all like us to believe), throughout the year 2010, and so far the 2011, have published a series of articles in top international journals supply that not only guarantee that organic foods are no better nutritionally than traditional food, but also demonstrate that traditional foods involve no greater risk to the consumer, in terms of public health, organic food.

If you add their high price compared to the traditional food and the great confusion that still exists in the labeling despite the latest regulations, we can say that the situation of agriculture and livestock going through a difficult time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Revolution starts in line for food

foodIntense drought around the world means that the end of 2012 and 2013 are predictable to be stormy. Lead Economist for global food policy, Lester Brown told us about the current situation of food.

Trying to turn the information into a product of consumption, and the expenditure of news in entertainment. Because modern man is less and less looking back, it is hard to remember all that was very recently. Recently, it was the fact that in Tunisia and Egypt have been the revolution under the slogan “Dignity before bread”, but it was preceded by a expression under the slogan “Bread!”. Not surprisingly, many of the economic, social, demographic and environmental causes of the innovative awakening of 2012 hardly remember that preceded them, the food riots of 2008-2009.
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Traces of 2,500-year-old chocolate found

A plate found in the Yucatan peninsula appears to show traces of ancient chocolate residue.

The find is thought to expand upon the known uses for chocolate in ancient Mexico, in this case as a condiment to spice up a meal. The traces were found by identifying chemical markers on fragments of plate found in the region.

“This is the first time it has been found on a plate used for serving food,” Read the rest of this entry »

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You work with stretch film?

stretch, filmProducers of various commodities such as food, as well as technical, work has become much easier, thanks to the emergence of numerous types of packaging products. For example, a robust and reliable stretch film is an ideal material that facilitates the work of packers in warehouses or in transit goods.
With it, each of us one way or another, had to face. For example, when making flight – the luggage at the airport in a stretch wrap film with a special device that wraps tightly luggage on all sides to avoid a violation of its integrity during transport. Another advantage of this packaging material is the property of its stretched length and stick to itself, allowing you to avoid the additional fixation.
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