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Scientists warn of the approach of the Flood

 the FloodSea level rise much faster than previously predicted, and residents of low-lying coastal areas around the world will soon be faced with the threat of flooding, prevent German scientists.

Using the latest satellite data, researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Change found that over the past 20 years, the level of the ocean has grown an average of 3.2 millimeters per year – 60% faster than expected by the UN experts.
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Alaska River overflowed

Meteorologists reported that due to rains, the water level in the rivers flowing into the Cook Inlet climbed more than 1 meter. It was decided to cut off some roads and create a Center for emergencies.

There are speculations that the water will rise to flood levels. Kenai Peninsula residents are asked to report the flooding in the police. Read the rest of this entry »

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Beijing felt the force of typhoon “Sunbeam”

Vladivostok was in the midst of typhoon “Sunbeam.” Here one day fell almost monthly rainfall. On this day, it was reported to journalists at a press conference held in the regional weather center.

According to forecasters, the seaside capital of day effects of Typhoon “Sunbeam” dropped 107 mm of precipitation, of which 87 mm – at night. According to experts this is the most highest rainfall this year.

According to their forecast, today the influence of typhoon in the southern Primorye region weakened and heavy rainfall will shift to the north of the region. Read the rest of this entry »

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Flood in Europe arranged the Americans?

Flood,EuropeNot so long ago, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez pointed to the HAARP as a possible cause of the earthquakes in China and Haiti. His suspicions took up Western publications. And told (once again) that the American plant, not even included at full power, causing some flooding, hurricanes, the drought. In other words, are the climatic and tectonic weapons? And, “the latest data,” Europe at the moment it is pouring from its use. Neuzh something?

HERE shoot in SKY

HAARP station is located in Alaska, 250 km northeast of Anchorage. It consists of 360 transmitters and 180 antennas 22 meters high, occupying almost 14 hectares. At its construction lasted almost 20 years and 250 million dollars. Radiating in heaven 3600 kw (75 times more than a commercial radio station), the station became the most powerful in world device to influence the ionosphere.
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