Rocks are always Trembling: a Tower-Shaped Strange Rock in the US

Huge sandstone steeple castleton tower in utah. Researchers at the University of Utah measured the vibration characteristics in detail for the first time. The resonance frequency of the tower found in the survey is an important key to predicting the rock’s response to disturbances such as earthquakes.

Castleton tower, a columnar rock towering in utah. The vibration characteristics of this sandstone layer were first measured in detail by utah experts using seismological techniques. Continue reading “Rocks are always Trembling: a Tower-Shaped Strange Rock in the US”

What would sense being on Mars it will fire missiles

marsThe mixture of the thin atmosphere of Mars and the lack of oxygen in it reduces the chances of finding life on the planet’s exterior. But scientists have suggested that life on Mars is under the ground – but there is a difficulty, how to penetrate. Project Exolance can solve this problem. Will be launched missiles into the surface of Mars, which are charged probes, and not explosives.

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Fire Rat and shimmering dragons

dragonsHueyshan abound in gold and silver, and the rules it as their royal leader-“Leader of the set.” Followed later in the history absolutely strange passages, however, eloquently demonstrate the quirkiness of Chinese world view and their peculiar manner of narration in a very distant future. “At the far south of the country lie Yanshan Mountains, people who eat lobsters, crabs and hairy snakes to protect themselves from the heat. Continue reading “Fire Rat and shimmering dragons”

Garments factory fire death toll soars to 121 in savar, Bangladesh

Garments factory fire The death toll from a fire at a Bangladeshi factory soared to at least 121 as rescue workers recovered 112 bodies Sunday, the national fire chief told AFP.

“We’ve found 112 dead bodies this morning,” fire brigade director general Brigadier General Abu Nayeem Mohammad Shahidullah told AFP.

“We resumed our search this morning and found the bodies lying on different floors of the factory building,” he said.
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Fire of epic proportions destroys some neighborhoods of Colorado Springs

The flames have destroyed between 200 and 300 homes and forced the evacuation of 36,000 residents

A fire of epic proportions that devastated around Colorado Springs in the western United States, has entered the city on Wednesday, forcing the evacuation of 36,000 people and causing the destruction of buildings. “It’s a firestorm of epic proportions,” summarized the fire chief of the city, Richard Brown, quoted by local daily ‘Denver Post’.

Colorado Springs, Colorado’s second city, is located a hundred miles southeast of Denver, the state capital. Throughout the day, the city was covered by a thick layer of smoke as the flames several meters high invaded some neighborhoods. The fire continued to progress during the day, destroying about 7,500 hectares of vegetation. There was no victim, but 36,000 people have been evacuated, told CNN the governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper. Continue reading “Fire of epic proportions destroys some neighborhoods of Colorado Springs”

Solar flux and flow of Fire

Solar flux has a dual effect on people. The element fire, which consists of the Sun, is able to destroy all the material. But on Earth, it manages a program element of Fire, and therefore the rays of the sun itself can not burn anything. They go to the earth flat and safe.
The Sun as a star, can adversely affect humans. Unlike the moon, it does not interact with human consciousness, but the problem is that his energy has increased penetration into the human body. Solar flux permeates the physical body of man, as all that is en route to the ground. It penetrates the body through the skin, is absorbed by cells of the body and leaves the body. The danger is that the sun can not dispense their energy can not be stopped during its rays. Continue reading “Solar flux and flow of Fire”

Near the Sun found a man-made object

Sun, objectAstronomers have found close to the Sun object, made by people. A new artificial satellite star wrote Portal Universe Today, which also allowed seeing the photo of the object, which was given the name 2010 KQ.

For the first time in 2010 KQ was discovered during the review of the sky to open up near-Earth asteroids Catalina Sky Survey May 16, 2010. The object is in orbit around a star with a period of 1.04 years. Because of the shape and inclination of the orbit as originally adopted for the asteroid, but later it was suggested that the 2010 KQ was placed on Earth.
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At the Earth will fall two magnetic storms?

magnetic, stormsEarth in the coming days will be in the zone of increased intensity of the solar wind, associated with the so-called coronal hole on the Sun.

In this regard, the world expected a rare phenomenon – two magnetic storms with an interval of just a few days, one of which starts on Thursday and another – May 31, on Monday, reports News.

According to scientists, geomagnetic disturbances with varying intensity will continue until the beginning of June this year. It is believed that they could lead to failures in communication systems and navigation. And also affect human well-being, causing headaches, insomnia, pressure drops. However, many physicians believe that the impact of magnetic storms on the health of an exaggeration.
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All attempts are futile

What else could be the Greek fire? Many scholars of antiquity, trying to uncover the mystery, made all sorts of chemical mixtures, which included almost all known at the time incendiary.

The first attempt to lift the veil of secrecy was made by the Byzantine historian of the Princess Anna Comnenus (1083-1148). In her recipe featured only three components: resin, sulfur and tree sap..
In France, some Dupre devoted to disclosure of this secret his whole life. Finally, completing the quest, he sold his discovery to the French king Louis XV (1710 – 1774). During testing, the king was horrified, and, as legend has it, ordered to destroy all documents that show the opening Dupre. Soon, the inventor himself died under mysterious circumstances …
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