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What is being hidden patterns on fingers

fingers patternsOn the ground, there is no one with the same pattern on your toes as you. Scientists dermatoglyphics can tell by the patterns on the fingers not only about human predisposition to disease, but also about his professionalism.

A person standing at the origins of dermatoglyphics (so called science of patterns on the skin) was a cousin of Charles Darwin, Francis Galton. It was a scientist with a truly unbridled thirst for science and research. Relationship with Darwin defined scientific way Galton, he was a passionate supporter of the theory of his brother, and therefore sought to prove that evolution is not only not over, but in need of correction. Read the rest of this entry »

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Numbness of the fingers in the cold – a symptom of dangerous diseases

 symptom of dangerous diseasesSeemingly commonplace – in cold weather freezing hands and feet, numb fingers. However, few know that frequent numbness and redness at the extremities of the body in contact with the cold – it’s not a joke. This symptom may indicate a fairly serious and yet incurable disease.

First started talking about this illness in 1862, when a French physician and scientist Maurice Raynaud, whose name later was named disease, described it with all the symptoms.

About the features of the disease and methods of treatment experts have told us – surgeon medical center Adonis and Igor Valentin Shurinov. Read the rest of this entry »

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