Greek priests stung by financial mismanagement by 5 billion euros

euroAccording to the results of inspections, dozens of monasteries in Greece participated in receiving illegal subsidies, providing false documents. Thousands of fictitious accounts nominees, including prison inmates, has found a special service of Greece Ministry of Finance to investigate financial crimes.

Among involved in receiving illegal subsidies for 5,000 million euros have monks and priests, reports UNN. Continue reading “Greek priests stung by financial mismanagement by 5 billion euros”

12 incredible events in 2012

Incredible,year,20122012 will be an incredible year, the financial world is facing an abyss, the wars in Iran and Syria, managed natural disasters, new epidemics, newly discovered vaccines, curtailed civil rights and censorship on the Internet. Apocalypse at the end of 2012 – that is what is most feared in 2012, numerous prophets.
12 different factors in the development of events in 2012.
1) End of the World 2012
Mayan calendar ends on 21/12/2012
Fearsome date that the majority of Mayan priests associated with disasters in a society that is coming new age of mankind, waking from a dream, an enlightened and tolerant, living in peace and harmony. Under the influence of increased solar activity, our DNA is significantly altered. Continue reading “12 incredible events in 2012”