Scientists have created a cure for female infidelity

FemaleScientists have created a drug of female infidelity. Treason – one of the first reasons for the separation of cohesive pairs. Need to deal with the problem comprehensively by preventing such a development. It is not always obvious why adultery, because scientists have developed a cure for treason. Today, however, only from the female …

Researchers from Italy have invented a medicine that can affect the sexual behavior of the fair sex and prevent trips to the left. This is done by correcting the hormonal levels in women. Continue reading “Scientists have created a cure for female infidelity”

What distinguishes the male from the female brain

BrainScientists have discovered why the sexes better suited to the different activities.

Neural networks in the brain of men and women differ, American scientists found, the article which was published in the scientific journal PNAS.

In particular, they found that men’s neural networks are arranged so that facilitated perception, and coordination. Continue reading “What distinguishes the male from the female brain”

10 female attitudes that excite men

female attitudesFemale attitudes that excite men behaviors make a man lose control and turn in an instant, causing a collision inside
The men we love to woo women, seduce, surprise them, love them, but mostly we like that they are attracted, sure, we like to always be the engine that comes on, but what happens when they are the ones that a little attitude we ‘take the match “?
Sometimes unconsciously look to some girl who “put in check” with certain actions, girls we “change the script” and we are the ones to lose control.

A woman with an accent. A girl is not exactly your country gives a plus compared to other girls, always listen to an unfamiliar accent is often very attractive to the ears of a man, foreign accents are often very sexy when girls Launch a word flirt.
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Female 125 years confessed his secret to longevity

 longevitySecret to longevity has been a well coveted by mankind for millennia. Science, magic, and some other disciplines have devoted substantial energies to the pursuit of this Chalice, but until now has been found, or at least revealed the prized secret.

Fulla Nayak recently died at 125 years in his native Kanapur, Orissa. According to some, she was the oldest woman in the world, which is why one of her grandsons asked, a couple of weeks, a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records. And before he died, when asked about his secret for 25 years having passed the century of existence, she agreed to reveal: to smoke marijuana regularly.
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