The fastest animals on Earth

The ways of the Olympic speed is nothing comparable to the speed of other animals in nature, with some reaching speeds of true vertigo, which are the most distance can be covered in less weather around the world.

10. Sailfish (109 km / h). Lives in the Indian SailfishOcean and Pacific Ocean which is also known as Sailfish Pacific and eastern Indian and sailfish.

Its back is dark blue top, the sides are usually mottled blue and gray bars and belly is white and silver. Can exceed 2 meters in length and 100 kilos. All species of sailfish, marlin and swordfish fisheries are coveted trophies.

His extreme speed is due to the power of their muscles quantity and dynamics of his face, highlighting the prominent upper jaw with sword-shaped dorsal fin-shaped sail.
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10 world’s most fastest smartphones

smartphonesThe electronic market for a smartphone, which have fast processors, are resistant to water and take several photos in seconds
The evolution of mobile phones has been by leaps and bounds, just going to imagine 10 years ago, that market many alternatives exist and that they not only offer the option of entering into a telephone, but we could even have internet access , email and a host of utilities with thousands of applications that exist in electronic stores.

So many features in a portable device requires the best technology to provide users with adequate response capacity each time it activates any application or feature of your mobile phone.
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