Unsolved Egypt’s fantastic and weird history

pyramids and tombsStrange and weird facts about Egypt’s mummies, pyramids and tombs. Stories of tutankhamun’s death, Pharaohs and many more mysteries that surrounded Egypt’s great history.

Pyramids and Tombs

Pyramids were a big signal to tell grave robbers where the pharaoh’s treasure was hidden. That’s why, by Tutankhamun’s time, pharaohs were buried underground.

Napoleon’s engineers said the stones of the Great Pyramid would build a wall around France. Some people believe the young Tutankhamun was murdered by his uncle, Ay, who went on to take the throne. But in 2005 the mummy was given an X-ray, and they found he had a broken leg, which probably led to his death. Continue reading “Unsolved Egypt’s fantastic and weird history”

Fantastic beauty of Lake Seliger and Valdai

fantastic, beautyMany of us go to the beauty of nature for tens of thousands of miles..

The question arises, why?

Despite those moments, that countries such resorts, such as Egypt, Turkey, Thailand and the Canary Islands has been a while since become the most popular recreational areas for many tourists, the beauty of Russian land, this does not become less popular.

In fact, tourists from Russia and Near abroad often go not to the azure sea and pebble beaches for a few thousand miles, but unique in its beauty Territory: Karelia, Altai and Primorye, Valdai with a wonderful lake Seliger …
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Fantastic paper airplanes.

Fantastic ,paper ,airplanesLove – the feeling of flight … As children we first began to fold paper airplanes at the school, and then a wave of his hands to run it in free flight in the class in class … Then we took another paper airplane in order to torment our teachers in the classroom.
In fact, we hope to have this on the radio control airplanes, which were the embodiment of our deepest desires..

Then we grew up, consulted and decided that it is possible to create not only a paper airplane and try to construct a model paper craft for that. to show an enthusiastic classmates and parents stunts, “such as loops and much more.
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