Do not bring up the family vampire!

vampireVampire in the mythological and occult understanding supposedly gives immortality, but it steals or takes the life of another. Just like in the fairy tales, beautiful princess turns into a frog, and a boy in yagnenochka. While Koschei Immortal or Baba Yaga got extra strength for their misdeeds. So in the tales describe vampire, and it speaks of his long-standing and deep-rooted. The same thing we often see in a real relationship between people.
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What is not a race : Language Family

People studying languages, know that the past can be classified but the groups and subgroups. By studying the similarity in vocabulary, grammar, word order, they concluded that most European languages, living and dead, and some Asian languages such as Persian and Sanskrit originate from a single language. This group is called the Indo-European languages.

In this language group can determine subgroups. For example, there is a subgroup of Germanic languages, including English, Swedish, German and Dutch. In the group of Romance languages are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian. Group unites Slavic Languages Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian. Continue reading “What is not a race : Language Family”