Where hope dies?

Where hope dies, there arises a void. Leonardo da Vinci On the back of famous paintings famous Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci on display in the Louvre, have been identified previously unknown sketches. The museum was informed that appeared billionaire who wanted to buy one now. After this date, the Louvre methodically and carefully removed… Read more Where hope dies?

In the Sahara, discovered toothless pterodactyl

Scientists have found in the Sahara desert remains unknown species before pterodactyls. Excavations were conducted in the area of geological formations Kem-Kem, located in Morocco and Algeria. Deposits Kem-Kem belongs to the top of the Upper Cretaceous (chalk – geological period that began 145 million years ago and lasted 80 million years). Researchers discovered in… Read more In the Sahara, discovered toothless pterodactyl

Moon – Taboo area hard for the people of Earth. LUNA – SECRET AREA ….

Friends, in the movie “Moon secret zone”. In a clear explains that the moon is not our territory. There is evidence of the presence on the Moon for extraterrestrial intelligence. Glow from within craters and other parts. American astronauts ran into the wall of the crater that are lined (made) of the plates are very… Read more Moon – Taboo area hard for the people of Earth. LUNA – SECRET AREA ….

Mysterious paranormal phenomena (Part 2)

Near-death experience – a personal experience of people at the time of clinical death. This phenomenon may be the answer to many questions about the possibility of life after death. Many survivors of clinical death, claim that such a life there . Dying experience include psychological, physiological and transcendental aspects. Despite the fact that different… Read more Mysterious paranormal phenomena (Part 2)