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How Can Take the existence of past lives?

lives can periodically meet with the therapist Karen le Drian, which explains all sorts of mysterious phenomena. This time it introduced us to the so-called “Po Hung-therapy” and return to past lives.
– What is a Ro-Hun Therapy?
YEASIN: just do something Ro-Hun Therapy helps a person to enter into direct contact with the soul and get the information that goes beyond his present life, which proves that we live more than once. Throughout my practice for over twenty years, I have met many people who, through Ro-Hun Therapy know the different circumstances of their past lives, and it helped them get rid of the most pressing issues affecting their present life.

– As soon as we start talking about past lives, then immediately imply reincarnation. So, you can refer to in this case to the Buddhist religion?
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Where hope dies?

Where hope dies, there arises a void. Leonardo da Vinci
On the back of famous paintings famous Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci on display in the Louvre, have been identified previously unknown sketches.
The museum was informed that appeared billionaire who wanted to buy one now. After this date, the Louvre methodically and carefully removed from the walls of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci , which included a program for further study and restoration.
And then removed from the wall painting “Madonna and Child with St. Anne.” On the back of her officers accidentally noticed two slightly perceptible outlines. The first one looked like the horse’s head, the second – the skull.
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In the Sahara, discovered toothless pterodactyl

Scientists have found in the Sahara desert remains unknown species before pterodactyls.
Excavations were conducted in the area of geological formations Kem-Kem, located in Morocco and Algeria. Deposits Kem-Kem belongs to the top of the Upper Cretaceous (chalk – geological period that began 145 million years ago and lasted 80 million years). Researchers discovered in the rock fragments of jaw bones and a splinter pterodactyl cervical vertebra, probably also belonging to this flying lizards. The age of the remains of about 95 million years.
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THEY were beautiful and joyful.

First, the dates.
If we take the cycle of the Maya – (about 5125 years) – then all the extant buildings can be dated from 10 thousand years BC.

Grounds of the pyramids in Egypt and America, the Sphinx is about 8 thousand BC – 3 thousand years BC

The history of modern civilization, if we believe the ancient texts has 7 thousand years. Pro is the talk of the book of Hindus and Jews. Egyptian priests insist that they too have seen praafinyan and Atlanta, but the first pharaohs, there are only three thousand years ago -t.e. after Noah’s flood.
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Moon – Taboo area hard for the people of Earth. LUNA – SECRET AREA ….

Friends, in the movie “Moon secret zone”. In a clear explains that the moon is not our territory.
There is evidence of the presence on the Moon for extraterrestrial intelligence.
Glow from within craters and other parts. American astronauts ran into the wall of the crater that are lined (made) of the plates are very hard material. Our Soviet Lunokhod just came to the plate, tried to make the analysis of plates, all information on this silent.
Perhaps what we see on the landscape Moon , The outer protective camouflage and armor – the shell huge galactic spaceship.
Which as obordazhnymi hooks latched on to this planet. Rather, it has long been not ours.
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Mysterious paranormal phenomena (Part 2)

Near-death experience – a personal experience of people at the time of clinical death. This phenomenon may be the answer to many questions about the possibility of life after death. Many survivors of clinical death, claim that such a life there .
Dying experience include psychological, physiological and transcendental aspects. Despite the fact that different people have different describe what is happening to them after the state of clinical death, much is common to all:
1. clear understanding that you were dead;
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Movement of objects on Mars

Photos, which will be discussed in this publication have been derived from the project explorer Scourge (Tim Beech). His research project was created back in the nineties of the last century and is now closed. But nevertheless, access to the file archive left by Internet Archive Way back Machine. The original photos were in black and white perspective, but in our publication has been added to a variety of color schemes, this means the images are much brighter than the visible parts.

The image is viewed a solid object, most probably, the stone that lies on the surface of the left of the furrows made by the apparatus of Viking 1.
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The True History of the fallen angel

fallen, angelThe mere mention of his name seems to evoke the smell of sulfur. You will be imagined as the most beautiful angel of creation and also as the cause of greater cosmic drama never happened. Legend has it that, seduced by their own pride, dragged a large part of the angels who worship God, provoking a rebellion whose consequences. latter is the existence of pain, evil and death in the world. Lucifer is considered since then as the ideologue of evil, the instigator of the dark side of man, the first temptation. But history is full of contradictions, and one of them is the absence of a true story.
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