Fairy Tale or Reality?

FairyStories of legends and true stories. Over the centuries, European peasants became victims of mischievous fairies, or, on the contrary, they were helped by the good fairies. But in the history of mankind know of one case of a crash with the fairies, which was documented by means of an impartial mechanism.

France Griffith and Elsie Wright were cousins and lived in rural areas. France was ten, and Elsie – thirteen. The girls were like girls, no worse and no better than the others, loved to dress up in beautiful dresses and secretly enjoyed my mother’s rouge. They often fled to the fields, where they played to tiredness. One girl went home strange. On questioning the parents, they did not answer at first, then broke and was told that they had seen a fairy.
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Mysterious nature-Fairy ring

Mysterious NatureNatural world holds many secrets and mysteries. One of them is with the mysterious phenomenon as witches ring.

Do not be mistaken if I say that the amazing community of fungi seen virtually everyone who has ever chosen with a basket in the woods. You come out to the edge, and before the eyes of the following picture appear mushrooms like lined circle as kids around the Christmas tree, and inside that circle the grass is not growing.
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