Interesting Facts about Mars

planetEgyptians gave the first recorded name of Mars -Red Mountains. The Babylonians called him Death Star. The Greeks and Romans named the planet after their gods of war Ares and Mars respectively. The Jews called it one who blushes. Many ancient peoples believed that the reddish hue of the planet comes from this blood shed on Mars.

The month of March is named after Mars.
Symbol of Mars looks like a shield and spear of the god Mars / Ares. This symbol also represents the masculine. Continue reading “Interesting Facts about Mars”

Interesting facts about left-handed people

left-handedOne in every six people in the world left-handed. The reasons that some of us from birth prefer to use the left hand as a major, yet exactly known. Some scholars suggest that left-handedness is formed before birth because of the larger right hemisphere of the brain. The development of left-handed can affect the unborn child a lot of testosterone, which slows down the development of the left hemisphere of the brain. In addition, the left-hander can become a right-hander, if for any reason he injured his right hand. scientists – not the only ones interested in the fate of left-handed part of the population of our planet. Continue reading “Interesting facts about left-handed people”

Three of the most puzzling facts about space

spaceThe bottom of the lake Tchebarkul this week, scientists will try to get the biggest piece of the meteorite. To investigate this, the fragment will be gathered a large group of scientists. However, space has always attracted the attention of researchers. Here are 3 of the most puzzling facts about space.

1. Aliens living on Earth many centuries ago in the Mexican city of Onavas found a unique burial of unusual creatures resembling humans. The remains looked truly fantastic: the narrow orbit, elongated skull, deformed teeth … The archaeologists managed to unearth the remains of about 25. Continue reading “Three of the most puzzling facts about space”

Ten Space facts with the words of the astronauts


spaceAlmost all the astronauts arriving in outer space experience, the so-called “space sickness.”  This discomfort due to the fact that the inner ear gets distorted signals.  Disease expressed headache and nausea.

2.  In zero gravity fluid in the body is moved upward, this causes nasal blockage.  Persons become somewhat puffy.  The bones lose calcium intensively.  Is slowing down the functioning of the intestine. Continue reading “Ten Space facts with the words of the astronauts”

10 interesting facts about rats

RatA small number of animals inspire more fear than rats. As a symbol of death and disease, they haunt us in nightmares, and climb the walls, dragging its scaly tail.
The annual damage in the billions of dollars and are the cause of plague, spoilage of food products, wiring and even bite babies in cribs. But at the same time, we can not underestimate the benefit to mankind. We offer you some interesting facts about our nasty neighbors in the animal world. Continue reading “10 interesting facts about rats”