What we face in the face of a comet ISON?

ISONI have to this day never heard of it , but that’s weird. For what that hour I received several messages just for her, this new cosmic threat. All anything , I might not be interested in that information, but that’s … Official sources prefer to ignore this fact . For those who like me, not in the subject , I will explain that the comet was not discovered ISON ” Hubble ” how anything without air defense forces , and amateur astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok September 21, 2012 by 40cm . Refletora installed at the observatory ISON (International Scientific Optical Network, the International Scientific Optical Network ) near Kislovodsk . Continue reading “What we face in the face of a comet ISON?”

The first creature with a modern face

A fish 419 million years ago whose fossils have appeared in China’s the most primitive equipped with a complex jaw. It sheds light on the evolution of vertebrates.The journal Nature this week described the first creature endowed with what we might recognize as a face. The Prognathous primordial is an armored fish of about 20 cm in length that lived 419 million years ago in the seas of the current China, is the oldest vertebrate jaw complex with a modern look. The verdict calls into question the whole evolution Continue reading “The first creature with a modern face”

Human face evolution

EvolutionForensic techniques Australian anthropologist reconstructed face florescent mysterious man. Homo florescent was discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003 and caused a heated debate.

Some believe that this is a completely new look, while others view him as a representative of already known species, but with some variations Susan Hayes to work hard for the police, so that muscle and fat to stick to model her skull was not difficult. She got a surprisingly familiar face with high cheekbones, long ears and a wide nose. Continue reading “Human face evolution”

Face of Jesus appears on tree stump

A cemetary in Belfast has become the latest scene of an alleged case of divine intervention.

When an otherwise ordinary looking tree was felled at Belfast City Cemetery in west Belfast, visitors were stunned to discover that an image resembling that of the face of Jesus had appeared in the exposed tree stump.

It is isn’t clear whether the face is a natural formation of whether someone has tampered with the stump, Continue reading “Face of Jesus appears on tree stump”

The bus driver tried to eat a woman’s face.

woman's faceIn China a woman by the name of Du was sitting in a car near a bus stop when the car suddenly appeared in front of a man, who is later revealed, was a bus driver named Dong (Dong).

Climbing onto the roof of the car, he tried to break the windshield. When the woman came out of the car, cannibal threw his victim and began to chew on her face.
Continue reading “The bus driver tried to eat a woman’s face.”