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Flies in the eyes. What it is?

EyesMany of us have noticed a strange movement in his own eyes – floaters with different densities, as if running away from your sight. Perhaps you do not know their official name, but you will no doubt have seen them in my eyes. Phenomena associated with the appearance of these floating visions, sometimes also referred to as vitreous capacities flying flies – Lat., Known as vitreous capacities.

They may look like dots or spots, threads, caterpillars, spider web, and it is – not an optical illusion. They really are there and slide on the inner surface of your eye. To understand where and how they appear, it is worth at least a little to understand the anatomy of the eye. Read the rest of this entry »

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Universe eyes aliens

eyes ,aliensThis became possible after the description of space on the basis proposed in the “entropy” principle. Article scientists have not yet accepted for publication, but its preprint available.

Physicists have described how the universe may seem alien civilizations, if any, of course, exist.
In the new work, scientists tried to generalize the so-called anthropic principle in cosmology, which explains a number of nontrivial relations between the physical parameters of space. This principle states that “the universe such as we see it, because only in such a universe could be the observer-man.
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The sky in the form of weeping eyes.

“Eyes in the sky” seen in Makeyevka during a thunderstorm. The witnesses of this extraordinary phenomenon are residents of the neighborhood “green” towns “East”, “Capital” and the city center. Witnesses withdrew it on the camera mobile phones.

Such a miracle in the sky observed in different parts of Makeyevka. It lasted, according to witnesses, about half an hour. Bioenergotherapist Alexander Shestakov faced with a similar phenomenon is not new. She remembers that in 89 seen in the skies over Makeyevka cross. Then he became a harbinger of transformation.
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The skin and skeletal system : Eyes

Eye color, like hair color is not used to distinguish the race. Iris (which is the colored part of eye), like the hair and skin, contains the pigment melanin. People with brown eyes, the iris contains enough melanin. Those who have a very small amount of melanin, have blue eye color.

There is one feature of the structure of the eye, which was used to determine the racial disparity – of the eyes. This fold of skin that cover the upper eyelid, and sometimes even the top row of eyelashes, when the eyes are wide open. It makes the shape of the eyes more narrow and sometimes incorrectly called “narrow-eyed” of the eyes is inherent in many of the representatives of yellow Melanesian race, such as Chinese, Japanese, Mongolians and Eskimos, but, however, not all. It is usually not observed in other groups of people about whom we have already mentioned.

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