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The Sumerians and extraterrestrials

Sumerians The texts of the ancient Sumerians, there is evidence that the Sumerians had contact with aliens, who came to earth in the second half of the 4th millennium BC to Niebuhr planet. Judging by the descriptions, this planet has a highly elongated orbit, and once in 3600 years takes place in the solar system.

Archaeologists and linguists in the second half of the XX century made the discovery, which allow revising the history of the Earth and the ancient civilizations. Read the rest of this entry »

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Begins a new search for extraterrestrials

AlianThe idea of the existence and the search for extraterrestrial life began in the 17 th century, when Galileo invented the microscope and there was the theory of Copernicus’ heliocentric system of the world.

Assumptions were made about the existence of lunar inhabitants, and later the Martians. Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is based on the idea of the origin and evolution of life on Earth.

Recently, however, it was suggested that in finding extraterrestrial life forms should not be restricted version of the Earth’s evolution, and perceptions about the similarity of extraterrestrial organisms with people who wrote Cosmos era.
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