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The explosion that changed the world

the worldThe epidemic can be stopped. War – to prevent the efforts of diplomats. Asteroid – mislead charge. But to block the volcano’s throat, and even this, beside which even Vesuvius looks like some Mannequin Pis against the background of the fountain Friendship of Peoples, is unlikely. According to scientists, the explosion of the super volcano awaits us in the near future.

This mountain people get round. They knew that inside it lives a powerful evil spirit. He sleeps most of the time, but when wakes up, then lit his big pipe, and from the roof of his home smoke rises into the sky column. Who inhale the smoke, the sick and die in terrible agony. And when the owner of the mountain in a dream flips from side to side, shaking the whole earth. Read the rest of this entry »

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Neighboring galaxy Seen cosmic explosion

 explosionStaff NASA Swift space observatory reported a powerful explosion, which occurred May 28, 2014 in the neighboring Andromeda galaxy at 01:21 Moscow time. This explosion is known as gamma-ray burst is one of the most powerful electromagnetic events in the Universe.

The exact cause of these phenomena is unknown, but it is believed that gamma-ray burst occurs when two neutron stars collide. This dead core of stars with a mass as our sun, enclosed with a size of a small town. When they collide, explosion is so powerful that it can be seen throughout the universe. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nuclear explosion affects the course of time

explosion nuclearToday, it is not disputed that the curved space, closed in gravitational collapse, forms a black hole, which can be enclosed the whole universe. But few know that Sakharov, like Einstein, many of his works devoted to cosmology.

In his work Multisheet model of the universe and some other articles devoted to the properties of curved space, it recognizes that, along with the observable universe there are many others.

The idea of parallel worlds nowadays widely recognized. And you can get there, punctures space powerful energy punch that probably happened to Elridzhem. But such punctures space-time continuum can occur not only as a result of exposure to electromagnetic and gravitational fields. Often these phenomena occur during nuclear explosions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Scientists be expecting a supernova explosion in the Milky Way in the next 50 years

Milky wayCatch the right moment astronomers plan with a detector of neutrinos. Supernova emits them from the very commencement of the explosion, but it can flare up in the infrared or visible light is only a few minutes, hours or days. Chance to see a supernova explosion in infrared light within the Milky Way in the next 50 years is almost 100%, and in the visible range – only 20% or less, according to a paper published in the Astrophysical Journal . Right now, technology has evolved to such an extent that we can learn a lot more about supernovae, if the next one will be able to observe in our galaxy and explore it with all the tools available to us, – said Kristover Kochanek from Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio (USA). Read the rest of this entry »

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Betelgeuse supernova explosion – a threat to humanity!

 supernova explosionA year ago, it was reported that the spacecraft Voyager that started even before the birth of many who read these lines in 1977, came to the edge of the solar system.

Comprehending this fact, you know, to what extent this a tiny grain of sand – land, lost in the vast expanses of space! And if the threats to human existence that we create ourselves, have a chance to deal, in space there are forces that can in one moment erase astronomical maps the entire system of planets orbiting an ordinary star – the Sun! Read the rest of this entry »

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The largest population explosion in ancient history

populationSequencing of the 36 Y-chromosome has revealed a previously unknown period of rapid expansion of the human population.

This demographic explosion occurred 40-50 thousand years ago – between migration modern humans out of Africa with a corresponding surge in the birth rate (60-70 thousand years ago),
and population growth in the Neolithic Age about 10 thousand years ago with the advent of the producing economy.
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A new explanation of the Cambrian explosion

explosionA new explanation of the Cambrian explosion – a sharp (by geological standards) increase the number of multicellular organisms that lived on Earth 540 million years ago. The article appeared in the scientific journal Nature, and its summary is provided in a press release the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

The object of research scientists has been an anomaly, known as the Great disagreement (an informal term for the title of “great” claimed several disagreements). This gap in the geologic deposits found in the Grand Canyon in the XIX century by John Powell. Powell said that immediately after the ancient metamorphic rocks of the age of about 1.7 billion years of marine sediments are about a billion years younger. The absence of species between these two layers is one of the important issues related to the geological history of Earth.
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