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Scientists be expecting a supernova explosion in the Milky Way in the next 50 years

Milky wayCatch the right moment astronomers plan with a detector of neutrinos. Supernova emits them from the very commencement of the explosion, but it can flare up in the infrared or visible light is only a few minutes, hours or days. Chance to see a supernova explosion in infrared light within the Milky Way in the next 50 years is almost 100%, and in the visible range – only 20% or less, according to a paper published in the Astrophysical Journal . Right now, technology has evolved to such an extent that we can learn a lot more about supernovae, if the next one will be able to observe in our galaxy and explore it with all the tools available to us, – said Kristover Kochanek from Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio (USA). Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by on November 2, 2013 in Galaxy, Planet, Science


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