The generally accepted theory of human evolution

evolution humanInternational group of scientists in Georgia have been found fossils that show that several species of early human ancestor belong to the same species Homo erectus .This conclusion was made by anthropologists from Israel, Georgia , United States and Switzerland , after a study of skulls that were found in a small town in southern Georgia .

In addition to the skull , the age of which 1.8 million years old, were found and other remains of ancient man and bones of extinct animals . Discovered discoveries forced scientists to rethink views on human evolution in Africa.

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How to prevent the loss of human evolution?

human civilizationPaul and Anne Ehrlich, the famous American biologists believe that we must first give all women equal rights with men. In particular, this means free contraceptives and abortion. All civilizations eventually crisis. The result was different: some completely disappeared, while others eventually revived. But never has the catastrophe threatening the whole of mankind.

Famous American biologists Paul and Anne Ehrlich are two factors that lead to the collapse: overpopulation and over consumption. And he and other deceptive. Quite a long time it may seem that the more hands and the more active the market, the rapid scientific and technological progress, and the better we live. But in the end we are left with nothing- the natural systems can not withstand voltage, and the hour of reckoning. Continue reading “How to prevent the loss of human evolution?”

Human evolution ancestors associated with abrupt change of climate

EvolutionAbout two million years ago in what is Olduvai Gorge dramatically changed climate: drought alternated with wet periods. The researchers suggest that this may have influenced the evolution of human ancestors.

Scientists examined sediments that formed in a long time in the lakes of Olduvai Gorge. Tracked how changes in sediment over time the composition of organic wax that covers the leaves of plants, scientists have concluded that the local ecosystem there were sharp fluctuations in climate. Continue reading “Human evolution ancestors associated with abrupt change of climate”

Human face evolution

EvolutionForensic techniques Australian anthropologist reconstructed face florescent mysterious man. Homo florescent was discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003 and caused a heated debate.

Some believe that this is a completely new look, while others view him as a representative of already known species, but with some variations Susan Hayes to work hard for the police, so that muscle and fat to stick to model her skull was not difficult. She got a surprisingly familiar face with high cheekbones, long ears and a wide nose. Continue reading “Human face evolution”

Horned dinosaurs has shed light on the evolution

dinosaursDinosaur with a spiked head that roam Canada 78 million years ago, was the oldest horned reptile, found in North America.

Herbivore named Xenoceratops foremostensis, which translated from Latin means “Foremost of rogatolitsy alien” (that is, a small town near which in 1958 found the first fossils).

Like its more famous relative Triceratops, who lived 15 million years later, in the last days of the dinosaurs, ksenotseratops kopepodobnye had long horns sticking straight from the forehead, and a thyroid collar, formerly continuation skull. However, in contrast to the triceratops, the ksenotseratopsa were also horns on his collar.
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Spiritual evolution

evolutionThe human species and leading to an evolutionary leap. For thousands of years different cultures around the world have been attributed to the sun a special role. It is remarkable how he was revered by some civilizations that reached high levels of cultural development in the past, like the Egyptian, where he was revered as a god (Ra and Aton), or maya, that deified him with the name of Kinich Ahau, or the Inca worshiped him as Inti.

All these people were in the sun more than a celestial object. For them it was the very divinity manifested to men. For this reason was the object of worship. One might think that this spiritual identification with a giant-sized fireball was a superstition born of scientific ignorance.
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Athenian evolution

AthenianLater than medical wars, Athens, proud of his beauty and rich for his conquests, shone with extraordinary splendor. This is the time when we are offered the most perfect picture of Greek life.

The welfare and happiness of the home, very little attention was called Greek. Corno most of the south, he spent his days away from home, engaged in business, in the exercises, in politics and in the ceremonies. He lived not for his family, but for the city. The luxury of this was his pride was satisfied personally with a simple and modest life, provided that public monuments and festivals of their gods provoke universal admiration.
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Biological warfare and its evolution: the HIV project

The history of biological warfare (BW) can be divided into three parts ancient history, modern history and what we call “this”. Ancient history begins far beyond what we think a priori and lasts until the end of the twentieth century. Just to give an example, the first documented use of biological warfare dates back to Roman times that used animal carcasses to contaminate enemy water supplies. At that time the idea was behind this kind of attack was a weakened enemy is an enemy easy to defeat … Since then and until now have been many changes, and far-reaching. To explain the modern history and present, need to continue this article, it is interesting to focus our attention on the movements of the United States, and their universal impact in the last 50 years especially in politics.
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Human-Path of evolution

evolutionGeological studies have convincingly shown that during the existence of Australopithecus the Earth’s climate became drier, rain forests retreated. Australopithecus dangers lurking in the open, treeless areas. They needed to get food, including hunting. The lack of strong claws, teeth, sufficient muscle power has led to the unique achievements, namely the use of stone, sticks as a means of protection and tools.
All this is in some way affected their evolution. As shown by finding parts of the skeleton, australopithecines are similar in structure to man a number of body parts. They moved on two legs. Over time, they are more adapted to a changing environment.
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Evidence of evolution

Evidence ,evolutionWith biologists published a review of the popular “The evidence of evolution. It examines the main groups of data on which the global scientific community considers biological evolution is firmly established fact. This publication is a response to the activation of creationist propaganda, which is forcing scientists again and again to justify the proven truth. The authors call for believers to be reconciled with science and hope that the submitted review will be a useful tool for those who value knowledge as opposed to hypnotic suggestion creationist propagandists, wrote Elect
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