Mysterious events in history

Mysterious History1. In 1995, Boris Yeltsin came on an official visit to Washington to meet with Bill Clinton. Late night guard, U.S. Secret Service found a drunken Yeltsin in his underpants outside a residence on Pennsylvania Avenue. As it turned out, the president tried to catch a taxi to go out for pizza.

2. In 1806 the English Bar quarreled two gentlemen – Humphrey Howarth and Earl Barrymore. The next morning was appointed duel where Howarth was completely naked, shocking the audience gathered. Continue reading “Mysterious events in history”

Five events that will change the fate of humanity

humanityThey will kill us or revive – all in our hands. Mankind was close to the critical point: either technical progress will cause catastrophic damage to the planet, or save us from the difficulties that we ourselves have created. await us in the future or destroyed ecosystems and evil machines or paradise of eternal life and intergalactic culture. At a symposium at the Library of Congress on ways of civilization, the American scientists and futurists have tried to predict what will come of the century. All I have to say today is likely to be wrong, – said the general opinion at the beginning of the event, David Baello, journalist Scientific American. Nevertheless, reports were heard, and that the five proposed sci-fi predictions. Continue reading “Five events that will change the fate of humanity”

Individual vision and forecast the coming events

eventInteresting to wait how things are going around the date “21 December”, but as a human I would like to help people in the explanation of many layers of information, which they do not possess a number of different reasons. Because, like all of our fears stem from misunderstanding and ignorance of what is happening and what might happen in the near future.

I will try based on what I have read and understand for themselves within five years of continuous search for truth through the study of various esoteric literature and scientific nature, to present his vision of the universe picture and make a forecast for the developing world events.
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Predictions of world events in December 2012

eventsBreakthrough of the dam and in the U.S. – in the eastern part of the country.
Breakthrough dam in Japan — the southern part of the country.Damaged vessel in the Sea of Japan — — Far East. European Russia — heavy precipitation, the Caucasus, showers, gathering debris European part of Russia to change the climate from cold to heat, but in winter it becomes a heat loss of heavy snow, all this will affect 4.3 time zone.

By 10 February – warm weather in Europe in Poland and Belarus, Ukraine – Moscow region. To 18 April – in the Volga-Ural Previous falling snow, drifts on the roads. 17iyulya C – heatwave in Europe, and it will last until the end of September, the hot wind will reach Russia, in the European part of Russia – will be hot. — July 22 with heavy showers will fall on Romania – Bulgaria-Turkey – South of Ukraine – Crimea – Caucasus, the greatest threat to mudflows from the mountains.
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