Adam or Eve – Who came first?

Adam Where on earth were people? This issue is likely to ask himself every man. However, despite the attempts of many centuries of generations of people to find the right way to solve the puzzle, find the truth has not been anyone.

Of course, first of all, we should search for the sources of truth in the ancient sources, which are the myths and legends of the time when people were closer to the beginning of “glimmers of reason” in human development.
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New Year’s Eve lunar eclipse will occur

EveThe advent of the new year on Dec. 31 will mark the private shadow lunar eclipse, which will start at 20.15. At this time the Moon will enter the penumbra of the Earth, and in 21.56 already plunged into it completely. This is a spectacle for a mere observer would not be very noticeable – a satellite of the Earth is only slightly darker. If at this point were the astronauts on the moon, they would see how the Earth has closed part of the Sun, and for them it would be a partial solar eclipse, wrote new region.
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