Switzerland Is the Most Cosmopolitan Country in Europe

Before the referendum, the country is again presented as xenophobic. The initiative of the SVP wants to achieve only what many EU states want: that the right people come.

Contrary to popular misinformation, which is repeatedly spread in German newspapers against better knowledge, Switzerland is a cosmopolitan, foreigner-friendly country. The share of foreigners in the permanent resident population is over 23 percent, a record in both absolute and relative terms. Continue reading “Switzerland Is the Most Cosmopolitan Country in Europe”

In Europe it does not fall down 40-degree heat

TempetatureIn France, Spain and Portugal does not recede 40-degree heat. Due to the extreme temperatures in France and deformed rails extend electrical cables, causing many trains stopped running.  According to passengers, the movement of trains originated chaos. They are late or come to other platforms.

 At stations accumulate crowds. Above +40 ° C show the thermometer in Spain. Even at night, as the locals say, is stuffy. Beaches are dotted with people, some have restrictions on the number of visitors. Continue reading “In Europe it does not fall down 40-degree heat”

By 2050, Europe will be flooded

 floodedVice-President of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Professor Jean-Pascal van Ypersele said that flooding in the UK has become a new threat of flooding confirmation of Europe by the middle of this century.

What we are seeing today in the UK – this is only the beginning, you might say, the warning – quoted Professor Ypersele Itar-Tass on Saturday, February 15. Continue reading “By 2050, Europe will be flooded”

Black Death over Europe

Death plaguIn 1347 began the second and most terrible plague in the invasion of Europe. Three years, the disease was raging in the Old World, and took with him to the grave in a total of 75 million lives. Black Death it was called the invasion of black rats in a short period managed to bring this terrible epidemic on the vast continent.

In the previous chapter, we talked about one version of its distribution, but some scientists, doctors believe that she probably conceived in the warm southern countries. Here climate itself contributed to the rapid decay of meat products, vegetables, fruits, and just debris, in which delved beggars, stray dogs and, of course, rats. Continue reading “Black Death over Europe”

Plague in Europe

PlagueThis is one of the most deadly diseases in human history goes back more than 2500 years. First disease appeared in Egypt in the IV century BC. The earliest description of its Greek did Rufus from Ephesus. Since that time the plague every five to ten years then flew on one continent, then on the other.

Ancient Near Eastern Chronicle noted came in 639 year drought, during which the land became barren and terrible famine came. It was a year of dust storms. Winds drove dust, like ashes, and therefore the whole year was called ashen. Continue reading “Plague in Europe”

The history of cannibalism in Europe

EuropeWhich was engraved by Theodore de Bry, depicted hungry Spaniards, cutting off body parts hung thieves.

In 2001, the dummy programmer named Armin Meyvs, who lived on the outskirts of northern Germany, filed an online announcement that he wanted to have sex with consenting adults. It seems there is nothing remarkable, except for one detail: the completion of sexual intercourse sender should be killed and eaten.

Did not take long. An engineer from Berlin named Bernd Brandes agreed to a meeting. Later in the farmhouse, the police has been founded Meyvsa horrible footage of Brandes  in the fatal dinner. This event shocked both society and representatives of law enforcement.

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Europe refuse to Christmas trees

Europe ChristmasFirst demonstrated the wonders of tolerance Belgium and Denmark. Expected “Christmas excitement” The authorities of Belgium and Denmark demonstrate wonders of tolerance to other cultures, citizens of non-Muslims are preparing to street protests.

Administration of one of the cities located near Copenhagen, banned installed on the main square of a symbol of Christmas and New Year – spruce. The prohibition applies not only to municipal trees, and installed on private money. The fact is that most city officials there are Muslims.
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Discover the largest brothel in Europe

brothelAustrian businessman Peter Laskaris (Peter Laskaris) has announced plans to invest nearly $ 20 million in construction and equipment of the largest brothel in Europe, writes The Daily Telegraph.

Institution under the working title Fun Motel will be able to take up to a thousand visitors a day. At guests’ disposal are 147 rooms and one hundred and fifty employees. Before the brothel will be open parking for 350 cars and a special place for buses. The whole complex is to enclose the three-meter opaque fence to preserve client confidentiality.
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Flood in Europe arranged the Americans?

Flood,EuropeNot so long ago, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez pointed to the HAARP as a possible cause of the earthquakes in China and Haiti. His suspicions took up Western publications. And told (once again) that the American plant, not even included at full power, causing some flooding, hurricanes, the drought. In other words, are the climatic and tectonic weapons? And, “the latest data,” Europe at the moment it is pouring from its use. Neuzh something?

HERE shoot in SKY

HAARP station is located in Alaska, 250 km northeast of Anchorage. It consists of 360 transmitters and 180 antennas 22 meters high, occupying almost 14 hectares. At its construction lasted almost 20 years and 250 million dollars. Radiating in heaven 3600 kw (75 times more than a commercial radio station), the station became the most powerful in world device to influence the ionosphere.
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