Scientists have establish a gigantic ring of dust close to the orbit of Venus

ring of dustScientists have establish a mysterious ring of dust in the orbit of Venus . This is the second such find in the solar system, according to NBC .

The diameter of the ring is 220 million kilometers. It glows and only 10% denser than the matter of which is formed interplanetary space. Its existence scientists have guessed before. In particular, it should be recorded in the 1970s. the Soviet interplanetary probes enus 9 and 10, but then prove the existence of the ring failed. Continue reading “Scientists have establish a gigantic ring of dust close to the orbit of Venus”

Scientists have establish a new way to communicate with Space Objects

NASA will start on a new scientific device to orbit the moon for the study of dust on its surface. NASA scientists complete the final preparations for the launch of a new research unit LADEE, which is to be launched on September 6 from the launch site at Wallops Island,Virginia, according to the website of NASA.

The findings of the study data will help to take another step in the study of the evolution of the Solar System. Astronomers will be able to learn more about the large asteroids and moons of planets. This convinced John Grunsfeld, NASA’s associate director of Scientific Affairs. Continue reading “Scientists have establish a new way to communicate with Space Objects”

Establish a building with Masonic symbols

Building symbolsThe ancient buildings of Moscow, it turns out that it is greatly in their design can be interpret as signs of clandestine societies such as the Freemasons. Architectural expert Elena Podshivalova book provides an overview of the five buildings of the capital with such signs.

Freemasonry has always been closely connected with structural design. It is no coincidence small house members to call God the great architect or architect of the universe and of the main characters are a pair of compasses, trowel and plumb. By itself, the process of construction of the building could refer to the creation of a new and better society. In many ways, therefore, secret societies open to the world a philosophy mainly through architecture.
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Scientists have establish in the Pacific caffeine

Pacific oceanAmerican scientists newly discovered that in the Pacific Ocean contains caffeine. And it is not the least level and affects the lives of sea creatures. In several areas the level of caffeine than normal.

Now scientists want to find out the reason of finding of caffeine in the ocean. According to preliminary information, it is associated with high concentrations of sewer fees and the presence of septic tanks.
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Establish mummies collected from the body parts of dissimilar people

mummiesThe first proof of deliberate mummification, exposed on the territory of the British Isles, very astonished the researchers. DNA analysis of the remains showed that the skeletons of men and women were “designed” from parts of dissimilar people.

Mummy of three children, a young girl, forty women and men were found 10 years ago in Scotland, at a place called Treasure-Hallan, the proposed settlement of the Bronze Age.
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