The 10 most metaphysical errors

errorsStarted to walk the spiritual path, we seek excellence in our lives. We try to improve our character, habits, ideas, food, and even social life.

Sometimes we make sacrifice in order to achieve a full and happy life, but often do not reach the state of ecstasy or fulfillment we crave.

Dissatisfaction can lead to refuse the discipline we had undertaken, or in the worst case, can demoralize us to the point of thinking that “God has forgotten us.” Whatever the reaction, it is just us saying that we made an error. And a mistake can be corrected.
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Scientists have found the top-10 “errors of nature.

Do you have any organs that you do not use? Scientists believe that there is. According to the theory of Charles Darwin, some “unnecessary parts of the body” show our connection with the ancestors, and perhaps someday fall off like the tail of a lizard. Here are the top-10 “errors of nature.”
1. Appendix humans
In herbivores, the appendix is larger and its main function – assistance in the digestion of food of plant origin. In humans, long-term role of this small part of the colon remains unclear, since the value of the appendix in digestion insignificant.
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