The new start date Anthropocene era

EraIt’s hard to argue with the fact that humanity has had on their home planet a huge impact. People have learned to synthesize new materials, energy use for their own purposes, to build houses and factories.

Unfortunately, with the flourishing of the human race extinct many species, and increased emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but it is a legacy of a man who has a huge impact on the Earth. And because geologists consider every significant event in the history of the planet as the end of one era and the beginning of another, scientists have proposed to introduce the concept of a new era – Anthropocene, or “Age of Man. Continue reading “The new start date Anthropocene era”

History of intestinal vermin began previous to the era of dinosaurs

EraThe feces of shark that lived 270 million years ago, suggests that parasites assailed animals much earlier than previously thought. Tapeworms are clinging to the inner walls of the intestine of vertebrates, and reaching the age of maturity, lay eggs which are released to the outside world with waste master.

The study of the early history of these parasites – not an easy task, because their fossils from the time of the dinosaurs, are extremely rare. Have to analyze the coprolite.
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Archaeologists have exposed the Umayyad era castle

castleThe mysterious castle dating from the I century AH, was exposed in the valley of Al-Akiko in Medina, said with reference to IINA agency Saudi Press. The castle ruins were dug out of the ground of the archaeological team of the High Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, said the head of Dr. Khaled Bin Muhammad Askubi.

In addition, the Saudi archaeologists have found pottery, glass, stone tools and stalactite ceramics.
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The era of dinosaurs discovered pyramid with a mummy strange creature

dinosaursUnder this earth is a giant pyramid, the length of the platform which is 72 meters

Scientist Vitaly Goh, testing an alternative method of finding water, stumbled across an amazing natural object in the ground.

His instruments showed that the underground buried giant pyramid, the length of the platform which reaches 72 meters, according to ICTV.
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The era of Vimanas

VimanasThe gods showed themselves to men in the vimanas, the splendid fruit of a plane impressive technology. In ancient Indian treaties are the secret of their construction and catastrophic events that changed the Earth.
It is now established that the oldest civilization made great achievements in the literary, artistic, political and metaphysical, expressing a high level of intellectual growth that flourished over the centuries. Various powerful reign succeeded in the vast territory of the known world, with the annexation of other peoples under their aegis, a sign of an army of strong and effective state.
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2012 – end of the world or new era?

eraGreat Book, the Bible Kolbrinskaya the manuscript Kolbrina, the Bible and the Book Kolbrina Coila – all these names mean one and the same ancient document, whose origins go far in our distant past. Even at the dawn of time, about 1500 BC, Egyptian scholars and astrologers had written a manuscript, which was given the name “Great Book”. The book is telling us about the exodus out of Egypt, which occurred at about the same time, and was full of descriptions of the Great Flood, and in such detail,
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