Humanity faces an epidemic of the disease zombies

disease zombiesEmergence of epidemic diseases in the world that turns people into zombies, really. This was stated by passing in the English city Cheltnem influential science professor at Austin festival. It is part of a group to study the phenomenon zombizma Department of Genetics, University of Glasgow.

“The symptoms are comparable with the zombie disease caused by prions – does not contain nucleic acids of infectious agents, – the scientist.
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The HIV epidemic

human ,immunodeficiency ,VirusThe economic disaster swept the epidemic of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV / AIDS), mainly among drug users, reported on Saturday the Ministry of Health of the country.
Since 2011 Greece is experiencing an unprecedented spread of HIV among people who use drugs intravenously, in the heart of Athens, increase in the incidence was 1500% by the end of the year. In past years, the number of infections was very low – 10-15 per year – said in a press release from the Ministry of Health.
In the four years already registered 115 cases of infection among drug users, but for 2012 they are expected to more than 300.
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In the U.S. created an epidemic

epidemicTo create a disease, and then get people to treat these diseases, medical mafia uses a large arsenal of psychological warfare, based on a fear. Fear of infection, fear of infecting others, fear nedolechitsya, fear to get to the charlatans, and so on. In America, the maintenance of this institution fears more and used the money from taxes and health insurance. And the more people fear, the less they think, analyze and compare facts.

For example, how the scheme of infectious diseases (H1N1, HIV, etc.). It creates the myth of the terrible disease that could destroy millions of lives, and real drugs (not patented pharmaceutical mafia) then brutally ousted. To explain the nature of infectious diseases is generally used sucked from the finger theory of Pasteur and man-made illness into being infectious or viral. For their prevention are toxic vaccines and in an atmosphere of fear and awe in front of traditional medicine are injected vaccines to anyone who can.
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