In England astonished scientists found a store of coins of the Roman era and the Iron Age

 Roman eraA popular tourist destination in the English county of Der by shire, found the treasure that surprised archaeologists. The cave found 26 coins, which belong to two different cultures: three Roman coins dating from before ’43 n. e., that is, before the Roman invasion of Britain, and 20 gold and silver coins korieltauvov tribe. This is the first time that coins of these two cultures are together. 

The first treasure discovered by a local who is interested in mountaineering and went to the next campaign in the neighborhood, when he caught a heavy rain. Continue reading “In England astonished scientists found a store of coins of the Roman era and the Iron Age”

Scholar argues that living in England 15000 vampires

British scientist made a statement, according to which the UK operates an underground network of vampires, numbering 15,000 members and called bloodsuckers emerge from the darkness.

Dr Emyr Williams ( from the University of Glyndwr University immersed himself in the study of vampires, said recently that in Britain there is an underground network of 15,000 bloodsuckers tabloid reports Mirror. Continue reading “Scholar argues that living in England 15000 vampires”

Holy Island- England

IslandHoly Island-located off the coast of Northumberland in the north-east of England, is connected to the mainland by a dam, which rises above the water at low tide.
Once on the island was Anglo-Saxon settlement. The first inhabitant of the island, whose name we know, was Saint Aidan, but people lived here before him. Beginning in 8000 BC. Oe. the island was inhabited by people srednekamennoy age (Mesolithic), as well as 3000 BC. Oe. – Neolithic inhabitants. At the time of Roman rule in the island, was probably a settlement Britons. Continue reading “Holy Island- England”