Fusion energy earthlings enough for 30 million years

Interesting facts The need for alternatives to oil and gas is growing every day. Promising candidate for this role – fusion reactors. According to Raffi Hetchedyuriana physics, they could solve all energy problems for the next 30 million years. The only problem is that while the establishment of a working installation nobody succeeded.

Energy saving lamps

Energy saving lamps has a number of disadvantage and for some reason a health hazard. Many consumers are not even aware that inherent energy saving lamps, “cold”, “lifeless”, “uncomfortable” light not only spoil the mood, but also a very negative impact on health, causing, for example, a sleep disorder. “The fact that the retina has… Read more Energy saving lamps

The Gate Project Phenomenon

Study and analyze some electromagnetic phenomena that trap in the ocean, at certain key points of the globe. According to the witness’ evidence of the scientific group, when they were shipped to about 15 miles from the San Francisco Bay in California, they measured a magnetic activity as about 15 meters from their boat. Then… Read more The Gate Project Phenomenon

The new discovery will change the basis of energy

A team of scientists at MIT, discovered a previously unknown phenomenon, which can cause powerful wave pulses of energy in the microscopic wires, known as carbon nanotubes. The discovery may lead to a new mode of production of electricity, researchers say. The phenomenon is described as termoenergeticheskie waves, “opens a new research area of energy,… Read more The new discovery will change the basis of energy

Energy vampires

This was known already in antiquity. Thus, the Bible tells about King David, who, to support his aging body, surrounded himself with young and healthy slaves. However, not only he used this method of rejuvenation. Do not know, I read Mao Tse Tung Bible, but in the last years of his life, he extended his… Read more Energy vampires