Arguments about the existence and the end of the world

the world endWe were waiting for this end of the world 21.12.2012 and allegedly did not wait, I think that in principle, the end of the world came in the early nineteenth century, and the fact that now there is a twenty-first means little on space standards this time just a moment. believe the collapse of the people came when humanity has ceased to exist, living off of their efforts, their work and the mind, it is, humanity has to consume something that is not working, was to live at the expense of future generations, then we will drive does not yet belong. At rest the nature of the land simply does not exist, is not a single living creature on the planet that does not consume that is not extracted. Continue reading “Arguments about the existence and the end of the world”

The date of the end of the world- 21 th and 23 th December

the end of all lifesScientists found that the actual Mayan calendar ended with a 21 and 23 December 2012. Just later that date was moved to the winter solstice for the convenience of astronomical calculations.
The researchers also refuted the popular theory that the end of the Mayan calendar means the death of all life on Earth. “Moreover, do nothing at all about the Mayan end of the world did not say,” – says Galina Yershova, Professor, Russian State University for the Humanities and the President of the Russian-Guatemalan Maya Center for Research Yuri Knorozov.
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The end of the world was a month

 the world closedEnjoy the pleasures of this world Earthlings there are very long – up to date, scheduled Maya has only one month.

There is growing demand for underground bunkers, as every day we are ever closer to the ominous date – December 21, 2012. It is these numbers scare humanity for several years running.

People are actively preparing for the important date: some buy and build underground bunkers in hopes of escape from certain death there, others had given up all up and refuse to pay the fines and loans, as no longer see the point.
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The end of the world

 end of the worldThe land were waiting in a month on the Mayan calendar comes to an end. This is not the first end of the world, which mankind experienced. “X hours” waiting for more representatives of ancient civilizations, and after the adoption of Christianity people are faced with the prediction of the end of the regular.

Only in this century has repeatedly threatened to ruin civilization different astrologers and soothsayers, as expected in the end of the world with the advent of the Millennium and the start of the Large Hadron Collider
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Russians flee the end of the world

World endPeople are seriously preparing for the apocalypse, and spend a lot of money for seats in the bunker. More than 30 people bought the place in a bunker in the event of a doomsday on eBay in Krasnoyarsk. The auction lasted only two days, and then the police intervened.

The cost of saving the life of the apocalypse for men and women was different. As stated in the description of the online auction, the cost of space in the bunker for men was 500 thousand, for women less – 300 000, for children up to 7 years.
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End of the world from space does not threaten us

End of the EarthDecember 21, 2012 core of the planet to warm up to the point that crack the crust, rises a gigantic wave that will cover continents, will fall to Earth huge asteroid after us will face Nibiru, to conclude with the full parade of planets sun crosses the center of the galaxy, and there was complete end of the world … . If you believe everything they say about the coming apocalypse, the death of our planet can develop about in such a scenario.

In the mid-sixties, at a conference dedicated to the Mayan civilization, the American Professor Michael Coe had the imprudence to say that December 21, 2012 calendar ends the tribe, and thus may come to an end.
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2012 – the end or the beginning?

End worldLife and world what 2012? What does it mean for you to this date? date replicated as a possible end of the world. In the heat of sensationalism, many media “forgot” that there are other predictions – just the opposite: the spiritual and moral regeneration, building a harmonious society, the basis of which lies belief in the divinity of the world, respect for our common home – the Earth, the understanding of the tasks that the Creator has put in front of every man and humanity in general.

The possibility of such a transformation in the society said Paracelsus, Zoroaster, Handel, Edgar Cayce, Jane Dixon, Alice Bailey, a monk Abel, Seraphim of Sarov, the Rev. Laurence of Chernigov and other predictors Some call this time – Golden Age (or Golden Goals).
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The magnetic poles of the Earth could mean the end of livelihoods

ErathThe Earth’s magnetic poles change places once, is not new. Some prophets used it in their apocalyptic predictions, arguing that it would destroy the planet and turn it “on the side”, destroying all life on it.

It is well known that the polarity of the magnetic field of the Earth has changed over time. Geologists have noted the change, exploring the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. When magma reaches the top of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and is cooled with sea water, the crystals in the frozen magma are guided by the magnetic field of the earth.
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2014-end of the world according to the prophecy of Malachi

end of the worldProphecy that 2014 will be a year of doom, there is in the Vatican archives. This prophecy was once published (late 16th century), as by the time the person who wrote it was canonized.

We are talking about Bishop Irish cities Armagh and Cashel – Malachi O’Morgere. His testimony of doom, who will be in our day, was created in the 12th century, at the time of his journey to Rome on church business, and contains a lot of interesting information.
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The world End may come soon and suddenly In 2012

endThe apocalypse is being discussed by scientists more than ever. Some people collect the conference, where discussing the meaning of the Mayan prophecies, others write about scientific ways of doom. According to a recent study on this subject, the world could end suddenly and very quickly. Moreover, by itself, according to the German edition of Focus.

The group of scientists, consisting of 22 leading biologists, ecologists, paleontologists and geologists, in the coming Apocalypse will not be anything fantastic. It will be quite natural for environmental reasons. These major studies were published by experts on the eve of the UN Conference on Environment, which will take place in the twentieth of June in Brazil.
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