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The Gate Project Phenomenon

phenomenaStudy and analyze some electromagnetic phenomena that trap in the ocean, at certain key points of the globe. According to the witness’ evidence of the scientific group, when they were shipped to about 15 miles from the San Francisco Bay in California, they measured a magnetic activity as about 15 meters from their boat. Then a thin layer of fog and low formed at least one meter of water surface, and she made ready as a rectangular platform. Then gradually it spread and assumed an ovoid shape. Then the strange structure began to rotate clockwise, until it takes the appearance of a spiral from the center of energy.
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A unique non-lethal effects of electromagnetic weapons

electromagneticThe Ministry of Defense have a unique non-lethal effects of electromagnetic weapons, reports Interfax.
According to head of the Institute of Lieutenant Colonel Dmitry Soskov, is the most effective weapons can be used in local conflicts, where there is a solid front line, as well as the suppression of riots in urban areas.
Installation is intended for non-lethal effects on humans, as a destructive factor used very high frequency (EHF) electromagnetic radiation. Directed beam causes untold human pain – he said.
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