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The Elders of Zion

ZionThe far-Greece “Golden Dawn”October 23, read out in parliament excerpts from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
Kasidiaris Elias (Ilias Kasidiaris), the official representative of the “Golden Dawn”, read the nineteenth report of this book-

“To remove the image from the political prowess of the crime, we put him on trial, along with theft, murder and all sorts of abominable and filthy crime.
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Wisdom of the elders

WisdomTwo people with the similar age can be very different. Age, of course, aging and provides the understanding of experience, but that age manifests differently in each individual. There are jovial elderly seniors who no longer have hope for nothing. Life is the great school of all but leaves scars and traces different depending on the character and how you react to events that happen to us.

Rate aging not only observes the wrinkles or marks of suffering experienced by each person, but to appreciate the ability to integrate with certain experiences or nurture harmony with the depth of the advice that these souls can give.
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