Some ancient Egyptian inventions that distorted the world

Egyptian inventionsCivilization of Ancient Egypt affects its researchers developed compared with the rest of the time. In addition to the impressive historical and artistic value and practical value exists Egyptian knowledge:

technology, open in this ancient kingdom are not forgotten for centuries. Many of them are used by our contemporaries, not even aware that they owe their comfort centuries-old heritage. Continue reading “Some ancient Egyptian inventions that distorted the world”

Egyptian discovered the tomb of an unknown pharaoh

Ancient pharaohAmerican and Egyptian archaeologists believe they have found the sarcophagus still unknown pharaoh who ruled 3,600 years ago, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced.

Senebkaya tomb was found in Abydos, one of the oldest cities and religious centers of ancient Egyptian state about 500 kilometers south of Cairo, a group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, reports Reuters.First, scientists have read the name of Pharaoh, the king’s plate engraved oval. Photographs taken by archaeologists, is seen badly damaged sarcophagus in the burial room without a roof. Continue reading “Egyptian discovered the tomb of an unknown pharaoh”

The pyramid of Egyptian pharaoh mummy found alien

mummy alienIn the backroom of the pyramid of Pharaoh mummy found alien. There is conjecture that she is not alone. The small body of an alien with big eyes was found in a secret room near the room where the body was placed Egyptian pharaoh pyramid tomb!

Perfectly potted by careful mummification foreign body was found in one of the Egyptian pyramids in the vicinity of the tomb of Senusret II. Information about finding a mummy appeared in public a few days ago, and there is subjective evidence that we have found and other bodies. Continue reading “The pyramid of Egyptian pharaoh mummy found alien”

Discovered the tomb of an ancient Egyptian brewer

Ancient EgyptianOn the west bank of the Nile found striking in its loveliness of the ancient Egyptian burial brewer. As reported by Japanese archaeologists, drawings on the walls depict scenes of worship of the gods and daily life, which happened 3000 years ago.

They tomb belonged Khonso Im-Heb, who headed the barns and supervised the production of beer for ritual ceremonies in honor of the Egyptian mother goddess Mut . In December 2007, Japanese archaeologists led by Jiro Kondo from Tokyo’s Waseda University began excavations at El Khokha far away from the necropolis in the Valley of the Kings. Continue reading “Discovered the tomb of an ancient Egyptian brewer”

Egyptian mummies reveal genetic secrets

mummies genetic secretsSoon decoding the genomes of the ancient Egyptians could become commonplace.  This is the opinion of researchers are the first to look at the DNA of the mummies with next-generation technologies.


Carsten Pusch of the University of Germany and his colleagues says that they have discovered ancestral roots, pathogens and even plant material allegedly used in embalming.

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Mystery of the Sphinx

SphinxSir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. “Things to do in ancient Egypt 3,000 years ago.” 1863

On faith in the power of ancient magic, evidenced by the inscription on a stone slab placed between the paws of the Sphinx guarding the pyramid of Khafre in El Giza. The inscription reads: once the pharaoh Thutmose IV, who was then still a prince, tired after hunting, asleep at the foot of the Sphinx.
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The tomb of the ancient Egyptian princess

princessThe tomb of the ancient Egyptian princess, carved into the rock and surrounded by the graves of four high court.

structure dates back to around 2500 BC. e., that is, the second half of the Fifth Dynasty. So archaeologists puzzled that the princess was buried in the southern part of the necropolis of Abusir of dead netsarskih blood. Most relatives of the Fifth Dynasty rulers put to rest, 2 km to the north, in the center of Abusir, or even further south, in Saqqara .
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Egyptian Islamics propose to demolish the pyramids

Egypt pyramidsEgyptian President Mohammed Mursi to knock down the pyramids in Egypt, which, in their opinion, are the monuments of pagan culture. Calls to the destruction of the pyramids, “Sheikh Sunni sheiks” and president of the National Unity ‘Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud.

In defense of the ancient monuments of the Salafi Movement acted as Costa, requiring the government of Egypt to create a special fund to protect the pyramids from man-made and natural factors, and radical ideas.
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Cocaine in Egyptian mummies

Egyptian, mummiesColumbus discovered the New companions land that was not India, he found not only dying from smallpox sufferers. They opened a world of unseen before animals and plants that are found only in America.
And only after this event, it was thought until recently, the Europeans met with the leaves of coca bush and all its consequences.But now it turns out, this story is not all converge to make ends meet.
If Columbus was the first European to set foot on American soil, as explained by traces of cocaine found on the bodies of Egyptian mummies?
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Egyptian pyramids built a Russian?

Egyptian, pyramidsNot long ago, one student brought me the stones the size of quail eggs, they are signs of a fraction of a millimeter – says Valery. – And I was struck by machinery, with which words are printed on solid granite. They are engraved. Similar, with the help of miniature cutters. Make it so difficult – requires hard alloys, machine tools. Many thousands of years ago someone had a very advanced technology.

The mass of the supernatural found in Egypt Andrey Sklyarov, head of the Laboratory of alternative history. The plateau on which stand the pyramids and other historic sites literally strewn with granite stones and blocks with traces of machining. They sawed off, pierced, sanded, polished, drill a kind of high-strength tool, write Secrets
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