Egypt Collection of photos of George Eastman, 1895

Egypt Collection of photos of George EastmanThis stream of photographers swept the Near and Middle East in the second half of the XIX century. It is known that up to 1885 in these regions, 250 people were surveyed. In 1850 the first photographers were often wealthy amateurs – are John B. Greene, Lyuitt Hunt and John Shaw Smith. They could afford the cost, not only to travel, but also to classes during travels a hobby – photography. Among them were single, as Louis D. Clerc and Maxim Du Kam receiving the official and semi-official support from various governmental or academic institutions in their countries.

In 1860-1870 gg. Local professional photographers such as Jean Pascal Seb opened a studio in the cities, has become a center of tourism.Seb owned one of the largest studios in Constantinople from 1870 to 1890-ies., And he continually sent photographers in Egypt or acquired negatives taken there, while his collection of species did not count more than 400 copies.
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