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A mysterious illness has forced an electrician to eat only raw meat

raw meat eatAn American resident of Lexington fell ill and seek medical advice. As the experts have not been able to make a diagnosis, the man took hold of his own treatment. It all started six years ago – says Nancy Derek . – It cost me only to eat, I felt sick. I began to lose weight, so I decided to consult with the doctors. First, they suggested that I have a food allergy, but have not determined what products.

I had no choice but to look for ways to treat themselves. Electric searched the internet for information on patients with similar symptoms, adhered to a vegan diet, developed plans for healing, but to no avail. One man met an acquaintance, who have these symptoms, and he advised Derek try the diet of the Paleolithic or caveman. It was so bad that I was willing to try anything – recognized American. Read the rest of this entry »

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Feathered dinosaurs of the Cretaceous could eat protoptitsami

dinosaursLarge feathered dinosaurs that lived in what is now China, about 120 million years ago,  eat small, as indicate by the bones and other small ptitseyascherov in the stomach of fossilized dinosaurs, according to an article published in the journal PLos One.

“What in the stomach sinokalliopteriksa was not one, but three skeleton konfutsiusornisa shows that he was very active and voracious hunter. His other victim, a small feathered dinosaur the size of a cat, is the first evidence for the fact that one predatory lizard could become another victim of the ancient reptiles, the band members Scott Persons (Scott Persons) of the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada).
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The bus driver tried to eat a woman’s face.

woman's faceIn China a woman by the name of Du was sitting in a car near a bus stop when the car suddenly appeared in front of a man, who is later revealed, was a bus driver named Dong (Dong).

Climbing onto the roof of the car, he tried to break the windshield. When the woman came out of the car, cannibal threw his victim and began to chew on her face.
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