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Secrets of Easter Island

Easter IslandVolcanic island 166 square meters Km and a height of 539 meters, is located in the eastern Pacific Ocean. On the island of 70 extinct volcanoes that never erupted for 1,300 years since colonization. The island belongs to Chile. It has a population of about 2,000 people, so they say it is the most secluded corner of the world.

Ancient sculptors tried to use natural materials sparingly and do not do the extra work for the future when marking statues they used – Read the rest of this entry »

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Prophetic dreams in the Easter Rising

Prophetic ,dreamsThere is a belief among many new-believers to Christianity (and their more “advanced” teachers) that the first Easter week dreams are of particular importance and may have even prescient, prophetic significance …

Today’s friend phoned me, living in Ireland. Very agitated (usually it says everything is quite phlegmatic, detached from the subject of the story – such is its nature and characteristic nature …) told of a dream, what he saw in the morning …

It was not … Ireland – a dream she understood it perfectly clear. Before her right in front of very large (a mountain), a hill covered with the usual vegetation. And then this “hill” has become a fire-breathing mouth of the newly formed volcano, from which it is inconceivable HUGE amounts of lava flowed into the sea, on the banks of which housed a former Hill …
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