Earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador interconnected

Both these powerful earthquake occurred with a difference of only a few days and both were devastating. Japan and Ecuador are located close to each other, only 15 thousand kilometers, and the characteristics of both earthquakes were similar. The relationship between these two natural disasters actually exists.

The most terrible earthquakes

The terrible¬†earthquake on record occurred in the vicinity of the Chilean city of Valdivia in 1960. But despite the magnitude of the record in 9,2-9,3, killing a total of about 6 thousand. Man, and mostly from the tsunami because of the sparsely populated areas, ie. h. tsunami reached Hawaii about 10 thousand. kilometers from the… Read more The most terrible earthquakes

Spanish farmers suspected of causing earthquakes

The Earthquake which occurred May 11, 2011 near the Spanish town of Lorca, could be triggered by farmers draining groundwater aquifers. The work of scientists published in Nature Geoscience, she is also devoted to the editorial of the magazine. To establish changes in the earth’s crust, which occurred as a result of the May earthquake,… Read more Spanish farmers suspected of causing earthquakes