A major earthquake could happen in North America

major earthquakeFebruary 26 System Global Forecast System recorded in the area of ​​the Pacific Northwest and a large-scale high concentration of carbon monoxide. Gas splash occurred near major geological faults in the vast area stretching from British Columbia through the states of Oregon and Washington to California. On average, the volume of carbon monoxide on February 26 reached 5,000 ppbv in southwestern Canada to 40 000 ppbv off the coast of California.

Depending on these values ​​in the area 50-265 times higher than background levels in normal components 150 ppbv. Peak performance recorded in Northern California near the city of Eureka and the southern edge of the subsection zone of Cascades linearly Length of the area along which the immersion of one crustal blocks under the other, as well as in Central California – north and west of Los Angeles along the fault line San Andreas. Continue reading “A major earthquake could happen in North America”

In the next 3 years catastrophic earthquake will shake California

earthquakeUS National Aeronautics and Space Administration predicts that in the next three years in Los Angeles, a large-scale serious earthquake happens. The probability of the tragedy is almost 100 percent. NASA confirms outlook and the US Geological Survey, but they estimate the probability of this event is much more cautious only 85 percent.

At NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, researchers studied the effects of the earthquake in La Heybre, which occurred in 2014, and found that it eased the tension in the earth’s crust in the area, however, the remaining energy will be enough for an earthquake of magnitude 6.1 -6.3. Continue reading “In the next 3 years catastrophic earthquake will shake California”

US preparing for a catastrophic earthquake

catastrophic earthquakeThe exercises to simulate earthquakes attended by about 10 million people in California. Training of this kind are held annually by the Office for action in emergency situations when the office of the mayor of Los Angeles, the US Geological Survey and the organization Alliance Services earthquake-prone areas. The exercises are designed primarily to ensure that teach the correct actions when tremors pupils and students and check the readiness of rescue services, transport hubs and hospitals, reports Tass. Continue reading “US preparing for a catastrophic earthquake”

The number of victims of the earthquake in Nepal exceeds 1500

earthquakeNumber of victims of the earthquake in Nepal have exceeded 1,500. The information published on this channel DPA citing Finance Minister Ram Mahat. Only in the capital Kathmandu, killing about 200 people. Many houses and buildings were destroyed. According to preliminary data, more than one thousand seven hundred people injured. In addition, in neighboring India have become victims of the earthquake, 34 people, five more died in Tibet. Continue reading “The number of victims of the earthquake in Nepal exceeds 1500”

Scientists predict major earthquake in the Caribbean

earthquakeCaribbean countries in the near future expects massive earthquake. This forecast was made director of the seismic studies University of the West Indies Joan Lachman.

In the vicinity of Barbados February 18 earthquake of magnitude 6.7. This is the most powerful earthquake that occurred in the region over the past 33 years. It affected not only in Barbados, but the territory of Martinique, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. According to Joan Lachman, this earthquake was not expected in this region, reports the publication Prensa Latina. Continue reading “Scientists predict major earthquake in the Caribbean”

An earthquake

earthAn earthquake measuring 6.7 on the southern island of Java caused a tsunami threat

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.7 occurred on Monday morning in the south of the Indonesian and of Java According to seismologists, the epicenter of the quake was situated 412 kilometers from the capital,Jakarta. Hearth aftershocks lie at a depth of 24 kilometers. Data on casualties and damage have been reported yet.

Indonesian seismologists revised to 7.1 magnitude earthquake and the tsunami threat announced The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in a press release announced the tsunami threat for all territories in the Indian Ocean.

In 2004, the eastern coast of the Indonesian and of Sumatran December 26 was one of the strongest and most destructive earthquakes in modern history. Continue reading “An earthquake”

U.S. seismologists warn of a severe earthquake in Romania

RomaniaThe U.S. Embassy warned their citizens who are planning to visit Romania in the risk of a devastating earthquake. About this newspaper Economic news. Particular attention is paid to the seismic hazard at the Embassy’s website in the section on emergency preparedness.

Embassy representatives report that at the moment there is a high probability of a powerful earthquake that may cause serious damage.

Scientists believe that Ukraine will touch the 10- point earthquake

ScienceIn a short time in Bulgaria can happen earthquake measuring up to 10 points , which will touch and Ukrainu. Takoy forecast made by the director of the international center of the Crimean seismic Nikolai Georgiev . He noted that the earthquakes that have occurred recently in Romania and Moldova , were just preparing to more powerful aftershocks , according to  Today .Where is regionally manifest new shocks – is hard to say . Cape Kaliakra is located on the Black Sea , a hundred kilometers to the north of Varna.  Continue reading “Scientists believe that Ukraine will touch the 10- point earthquake”

A great earthquake will occur in the United States on October 17 2013

earthquakeMillions of people in 37 states will be in the center of the Apocalypse. At 10:17 on October 17 in the U.S. The greatest earthquake happens. Millions of people in 37 states will take part in the most ambitious exercises aimed at raising awareness about the risks and the actions of the earthquake, how people can stay safe when the ground begins to shake.

We are very pleased to be part of national efforts to raise awareness on earthquake safety, said IEMA Director Jonathan Monk. The lessons learned can save countless lives. Continue reading “A great earthquake will occur in the United States on October 17 2013”

Scientists have established that global warming to blame earthquake

Natural WarmingA strong earthquake that occurred in 1945 in the northern part of the Arabian Sea, the atmosphere was thrown more than seven million cubic meters of methane.

The discovery suggests that there are natural sources of greenhouse gases that were not previously considered by scientists in the projections. As the greenhouse gas methane is 20 times stronger than carbon dioxide, but its content is significantly lower than in the atmosphere. Huge amounts of methane locked in ice structure called gas hydrates. Methane deposits are located in the permafrost in Siberia and Alaska, as well as on the sea floor, from a depth of 500 meters.

Continue reading “Scientists have established that global warming to blame earthquake”