Fusion energy earthlings enough for 30 million years

energy earthlingsInteresting facts The need for alternatives to oil and gas is growing every day.

Promising candidate for this role – fusion reactors. According to Raffi Hetchedyuriana physics, they could solve all energy problems for the next 30 million years.

The only problem is that while the establishment of a working installation nobody succeeded. Continue reading “Fusion energy earthlings enough for 30 million years”

Evidence of ancient contact with aliens earthlings

ancient contactMexican government promulgated an artifact of the Maya civilization, whose age exceeds 1300 years. According to experts, this ancient artifact proves that we are not alone in the universe and that the ancient Earth was visited by representatives of other worlds with a highly developed civilization at least they were spaceships.

Moreover, the researchers believe that the artifact, promulgated by the Mexican government, can help uncover the mystery of the origin of the human race on Earth. This artifact Mexican government kept secret for 80 years. Continue reading “Evidence of ancient contact with aliens earthlings”

The new plague on the head of earthlings

earthlingsThere is a new plague on the head of earthlings – Scientists have recorded a record for the last five years, reducing the speed of the Gulf Stream ! The warm Atlantic Ocean – the main climate forcing much of Europe and North America ! This is clearly seen if we compare the average temperature in January is perennial . For example, in North American cities located in the latitude band 40-42 degrees north latitude , the highest temperature in January in the coastal New York City – 0.4 °. And in Chicago , located 1,100 kilometers from the coast, is -6.1 °. Continue reading “The new plague on the head of earthlings”

Alien beings labeled earthlings?

Alien54-year old resident of Chernihiv region says that he believes in aliens. One would think, well, why not? However, the case is special:- According to the woman, for twenty years, it is alleged in the body of the label derived from the brothers on reason … The most amazing thing is that the episode with Nechayeva not an isolated case, there are more examples.

It was in the fall, sometime in early October – says Love. – My daughter and I arrived at my parents in Radvino. Namayavshis the garden went to bed early. I was awakened by a thick bright light that penetrates the eyelids. Continue reading “Alien beings labeled earthlings?”

Alien city for the abducted earthlings

Alien city Alien city for the abducted earthlings few witnesses in a state of hypnosis in almost identical terms to describe how the aliens took them to a kind of alien city, more like a huge laboratory. This city reported a variety of people who are not familiar with each other and living in different countries. What it is: hallucinating, or repeating phenomenon requiring study?

The well-known psychotherapist James Point Dekrizu from Oklahoma in 2002, asked Teresa C, which tormented nightmares. Narrated her doctor has put under hypnosis as a shock. The patient recalled how she was abducted six months ago, some “high, pale people,” and brought to the planet, which they called Kleyghi.
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