Most terrible global risks

There are more than a few risks in the world, which knows almost everything. All afraid of them, but prefer not to speak, because they are typical of many countries, but it is difficult to deal with them. What is more, these problems can seem endless, or, even worse, can only be solved in the case of an endless necessary action.

It is hardly possible to find volunteers who want to be associated with the global challenges of food security, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that officials and politicians are just trying not to worry about it. Continue reading “Most terrible global risks”

Bermuda Triangle-Mysterious Places on Earth

Mysterious PlaceThe Bermuda Triangle is one of the most dangerous and mysterious places on Earth. Scientists say that in this area there is a very high level of radiation.

Recently, European researchers have made a statement that is calculated to unravel the secret of this place, located off the coast of Brazil, a few hundred kilometers. To do this, the scientists plan to send a satellite into space, which will be regularly fly over the area to carry out various anomalies and measurement. Previously, experts have found that this area is the point where the Van Allen radiation belts – rings of charged particles surrounding the Earth closest to the planet’s surface. Continue reading “Bermuda Triangle-Mysterious Places on Earth”

Nibiru visible from Earth

Nibiru Mythological sources that Nibiru wandering planet that is in the solar system. Nibiru appears between the planets Mars and Jupiter every Z600 years and moves on an elongated orbit.

When approaching the Earth and its inhabitants – Annunaki descended to Earth and in contact with the inhabitants of our planet. Nibiru and Planet Phaeton are on the same orbit. Continue reading “Nibiru visible from Earth”

Saturday night spilled over the Earth meteor rain

meteor rainOn Saturday night spilled over the Earth meteor rain. Scientists predict it will become the most powerful for the whole year. Meteor shower called Camelopardalid can watch and Kuzbass. The smaller clouds on the horizon is, the brighter will seem heavenly bodies. Per hour can be observed up to 200 falling meteorites.

The main heroine of the submission will be heavenly comet 209P/LINEAR. It was opened about 10 years ago, thanks to a ground robotic telescope LINEAR. Continue reading “Saturday night spilled over the Earth meteor rain”

The Earth oldest and largest crater

Oldest EarthThe heart of South Africa’s shabby Vredefort crater lurk curious black and green rocks. This is all that remains of the magma sea, once filled the hole in the ground, say Desmond Moser Western University of Ontario city of Canada. Vredefort crater ten-formed 2.02 billion years ago, and since then, of course, it did not spare the time.

Education called Vredefort was once very different. Its original diameter is estimated at 300 km. Asteroid or meteoroid, please Africa had probably 10 km in diameter and dug a hole, the depth of which is ten times larger than the Grand Canyon, says Mr. Moser. Continue reading “The Earth oldest and largest crater”

The earth will be able to watch Red Moon

Bloody MoonThe earth will be able to observe the rare phenomenon with a terrible name red moon. We decided to find out what this phenomenon than it is unique, and where it can be observed.

Red Shadow
What is the red moon, and what to expect from her humanity? Despite all the scary stories about witches or approaching end of the world, it is primarily an astronomical phenomenon. More precisely – a lunar eclipse.Red Moon occurs when the moon during an eclipse has not closed the shadow of the Earth, but already fully covered by the shadow of Earth’s atmosphere.

Continue reading “The earth will be able to watch Red Moon”

Atlanta flew to Earth from Mars?

AtlanticScientists say they can prove that the lost city of Atlantic was on Mars and its inhabitants astronauts traded with ancient Egypt for a considerable period of time.

Even more incredible their assertion they have proof that the legendary Tutankhamen died in the crash of the space shuttle with the alien crew.

Martian civilization destroyed itself or was destroyed by a meteor, and Egypt was still in his prime, made a sensational statement, Dr. Stephen Weiss assembled journalists and scientists in Bern, Switzerland. Continue reading “Atlanta flew to Earth from Mars?”

Climate change may be the beginning of reversal of the Earth!

ClimateThe word climate is translated from the Greek word klima – the slope. More than 2,200 years ago, the term in the scientific revolution brought the ancient Greek astronomer Hipparchus. Climate general concept.

Astronomer wanted to show that it is the slopeĀ  of the Earth to the sun affects the physical and geographical changes on its surface. Called climate average atmospheric weather or mechanical varying terrain. Continue reading “Climate change may be the beginning of reversal of the Earth!”

Scientists suggest that the poles of the Earth are going to roll over

the Earth poleLocated deep within the Earth’s molten core that generates a magnetic field that protects the planet from the ravages of solar winds. Protective field extends thousands of kilometers into space and its magnetism affects all human life – from the migration of animals to weather conditions.

However, this magnetic field is incredibly important for all life on Earth over the past 200 years has weakened by 15%. And that, scientists say, could be a sign that the poles of the earth are going to roll over. Experts believe that this revolution is not far away, but to say exactly when this might happen, they can not. Continue reading “Scientists suggest that the poles of the Earth are going to roll over”

Jupiter’s moon Europa living conditions than Earth

Jupiter'sScientists from McMaster University and Weber argue that the conditions of life on Earth are not the most suitable, and there are planets on which life can be more comfortable. These planets need not be similar to Earth.

For example, Jupiter’s moon Europa, different factors such as the distance of the planet from the star surface temperature, gravity, mass, and other parameters, which, however, does not prevent him to create a human colony. Continue reading “Jupiter’s moon Europa living conditions than Earth”