Geophysics Earth predicted the inevitable catastrophe

Geophysics Earth predicted Geophysicists from the US, Canada, France and Germany spoke about the future of the Earth in ten thousand years. The results of the authors of research published in the journal Nature Climate Change. The main conclusion of geophysicists is to ensure that global warming and anthropocentric factor over the next ten thousand years will if one does not take responses irreversible impact on the chaotic climate change on the planet.

The most conservative estimate suggests that over the next hundred years will pass in the atmosphere of about 1.28 billion tons of carbon. In another scenario, the air can be 9.5 billion tons of the material. Continue reading “Geophysics Earth predicted the inevitable catastrophe”

The Moon was formed from the collision of the Earth and Teyi

MoonScientists have found that the Moon formed as a result of a frontal collision of the Earth with the planet Theia after about 100 million years after the formation of the globe. Previously it was thought that the collision of planets occurred on a tangent at an angle of 45 degrees.

In the latest study, published in the journal Science, analyzed seven rock samples brought to Earth from the Moon expedition Apollo 12, Apollo 15 and Apollo 17. They also studied the volcanic rocks of Arizona and Hawaii. As a result, the researchers found the oxygen isotopes in the samples from the satellite, which relates to a purely earthly. Continue reading “The Moon was formed from the collision of the Earth and Teyi”

On Sunday Comet Catalina closer to Earth

CometOn Sunday will be able to observe the comet Catalina that January 17 will approach the Earth to the minimum distance.

As explained in the Main Astronomical Observatory, the comet comes closer to our planet in such a way that the distance between celestial bodies will be 108 million kilometers, reports Interfax.

This will allow the people to consider it with the naked eye, it is especially to be seen in the northern latitudes. However, if you look closely, Catalina now can be seen in the sky in the Big Dipper. Continue reading “On Sunday Comet Catalina closer to Earth”

Auroras illuminate the earth for three days in a row

 illuminateAround the Arctic Circle three nights observed bright auroras. Experts say that it was the most powerful radiance that they have ever seen. However, the northern lights were not limited only to the Arctic Circle.

This phenomenon was recorded in the south of the United States, Canada, several European countries. Most of this magnitude cause auroral emissions of solar coronal mass when billions of tons of plasma clouds from the sun reach the Earth’s magnetosphere. This time, geomagnetic storms and auroras were caused by CIR area of ​​interaction between the fast and slow solar wind streams. Continue reading “Auroras illuminate the earth for three days in a row”

Earth different from other planets in our galaxy

Earth different Land is an exception among the habitable planets in our galaxy: their chemical composition is totally different from the Earth. This is the conclusion the authors of an article in preprint arXiv. Brief research reports New Scientist. The Portuguese University of Porto and his colleagues studied the stars, the mass and the radius of which is different from the sun, and in the habitable zone of a planet there, where the water is present in liquid form. It was found that iron and other metals in the composition of these stars is less than that of the stars around which address only the uninhabited planet.

Since the planet’s chemical composition close to its star, the celestial bodies in the area of ​​life is usually less metal than in the bowels of the Earth and the Sun, scientists have decided. As a rule, around the iron-rich stars are rotating massive rocky body, wrapped in a giant gasbag. Continue reading “Earth different from other planets in our galaxy”

Astrobiologists create color catalog to search for alien life

alien lifeTo facilitate the search for life on planets outside our solar system, an international group of scientists has created a library of “Flower of Life” – a colorful catalog that contains a list of color “signatures” of microbial life of the Earth, which can be found on the surface of other worlds.

The new database gives people a better chance to approach the answer to the question of the presence of life beyond our planet.This database gives us a new idea might look like distant inhabited worlds says the study’s lead author, Professor of Astronomy Lisa Kaltenegger Lisa Kaltenegger from Cornell University, studying exoplanets and models potentially habitable worlds. – We have considered a variety of sets of forms life, some of which are found in most living organisms unfriendly parts of the Earth. Continue reading “Astrobiologists create color catalog to search for alien life”

MESSENGER probe sent new images of Mercury

MESSENGERMESSENGER also better understand the mysterious hollows on the surface of Mercury, first discovered in 2011.

The strange bright areas in some craters appeared deep holes of irregular shape. They are younger than the vast majority of other geological formations on Mercury.Apparently, the planet is going through some changes, the nature of which is not yet clear. Long ranges of Mercury have a smaller versions of scattered over the entire surface of the planet The new data will help to explore the main “attraction” Mercury long ridges and ledges that cover most of the planet‘s surface. The larger ones can last for hundreds of kilometers.Probably, they were formed in the process of long-term cooling of the planet

Continue reading “MESSENGER probe sent new images of Mercury”

The new start date Anthropocene era

EraIt’s hard to argue with the fact that humanity has had on their home planet a huge impact. People have learned to synthesize new materials, energy use for their own purposes, to build houses and factories.

Unfortunately, with the flourishing of the human race extinct many species, and increased emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but it is a legacy of a man who has a huge impact on the Earth. And because geologists consider every significant event in the history of the planet as the end of one era and the beginning of another, scientists have proposed to introduce the concept of a new era – Anthropocene, or “Age of Man. Continue reading “The new start date Anthropocene era”

Ten interesting facts about volcanoes

Ten t volcanoesSome of these facts are known to you, others may surprise you. In any case, volcanoes have amazing features that deserve attention.

 1. There are three main types of volcanoes

Although volcanoes consist of hot magma that reaches the Earth‘s surface, and is cast, they come in different types. Shield volcanoes different lava flows of low viscosity, which spread out over tens of kilometers; This makes them very wide with smooth beveled edges. Stratovolcanoes consist of different types of lava, spewing ash and rocks, and grow to great heights. Continue reading “Ten interesting facts about volcanoes”

The total solar eclipse will occur

The total solar eclipse of the twentieth March on 20,2015 – a 61st eclipse of Saros one hundred and twentieth. The area gets the best of its visibility in the polar and middle latitudes of the northern hemisphere.  Reaches maximum eclipse at coordinates 64.4 ° North latitude, 6.6 ° west longitude, lasts a maximum of 2 minutes 47 seconds, and the width of the Moon’s shadow on the Earth’s surface is 463 kilometers.

At the time and point of maximum eclipse of the sun direction of 135 °, and the height of the sun above the horizon is 18 °.  Dynamic world time at the moment of greatest eclipse: 9:46:47 amendment dynamic time: 69 seconds. Continue reading “The total solar eclipse will occur”