Mysterious dwarfs

Historical placeOne of the most the remarkable historical of certificates, -related to the traditions of the onetime dwarfish among the people the Chud, the It inhabits the once northward the European part of Russian and Ural regions, there and stories of about the people SYRTE that inhabited in the tundra before the arrival of of the Nenets, it detects possible the on the famous the map the Arctic Gerarda Mercator’s. This map is believed portrays the legendary continent of Hyperborea.

It is home to the Pygmies

 North Pole Mercator map surrounded by a vast continent, divided into four mighty rivers. The very same pole topped rock, located in the center of an inland sea. Of signatures corresponding to the large island to the north of Novaya Zemlya and Spitsbergen, it follows that “the Pygmies live here, their growth is about four feet (122 cm. – Ed.), And the inhabitants of Green lands krelingerami call them.” Continue reading “Mysterious dwarfs”