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Why we can not remember the morning of my dreams

dreamsFrench scientists from Lyon Neurosurgery Center figured out how the human brain stores memories of dreams and why only a few can remember in the morning, that they dreamed of a few short hours ago.

For the memories of dreams we meet proprietorial junction, a small region of the brain, which, in accordance with the name of the temple and is located between the parietal. That night it misses information about sleep. Read the rest of this entry »

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Types of psychic dreams

El Subconsciente e1331377878895 125×150 Typos de SunOS Dreams show us that are a world where we can experiment without limits through our subconscious. We can see situations that are coming in our

 Dreams communicate with someone in another time or space, or we may experience situations that may be affecting the world around us. Read the rest of this entry »

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Night and dreams

dreamsSleep is essential for the human body. Fits we recover and strength for the next day. During deep sleep is secreted in superior proportion of growth hormones, whose mission in sleep and night

Adult body is to support regeneration. In this process cells are expelled from the hardened skin, which is renewed during sleep factually.

But is the sleep spiritually? Does it improve our state of realization during the night? How does what they dream about all this?
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Prophetic dreams in the Easter Rising

Prophetic ,dreamsThere is a belief among many new-believers to Christianity (and their more “advanced” teachers) that the first Easter week dreams are of particular importance and may have even prescient, prophetic significance …

Today’s friend phoned me, living in Ireland. Very agitated (usually it says everything is quite phlegmatic, detached from the subject of the story – such is its nature and characteristic nature …) told of a dream, what he saw in the morning …

It was not … Ireland – a dream she understood it perfectly clear. Before her right in front of very large (a mountain), a hill covered with the usual vegetation. And then this “hill” has become a fire-breathing mouth of the newly formed volcano, from which it is inconceivable HUGE amounts of lava flowed into the sea, on the banks of which housed a former Hill …
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Effect of dreams for our lives

Years ago, proved that dreams have a tendency to affect our lives, but no one could answer the question, what are our dreams. There are plenty of theories, each of whom spoke about many things. But we all just make sure that the information he had read before bedtime, much easier to remember. Thus, even the English language itself can become more efficient if the deal before bedtime.

Some scientists say that very often in a dream we have the best analysis of the day, who lived. The fact is that our brain never rests entirely, and even when we sleep, there is a permanent job. All information received during the day, turns into visual images. In this state, when the consciousness is turned off, you can learn how to analyze the information processed by the brain, extracting from it. But it needs to learn to remember dreams.
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