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Island of the Dolls, Mexico- amazing islands in the world

Mexico- amazing islands Anyone who has seen at least one of the films about the doll Chucky agree dolls can be very scary. Especially when they are hanging on the trees, covered with cobwebs and insects crawling out of the empty eye sockets – such a spectacle awaits you when you arrive at the Island of Dolls, located in one of the districts of the Federal District of Mexico City.

The origin of this creepy place bizarre scenario as Tim Burton or M. Night Shyamalan: a man named Don Julio came to the island after the tragic death of his whole family, Read the rest of this entry »

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Island of Dolls in Mexico – the ugly world of nightmares

 dolls islandIsland History began with the moment as one of the Mexicans by the name of Julio Barerra suddenly left his family and became a hermit on a small piece of land located between the ancient Aztec channels. This place already had a bad reputation among local residents, who preferred to get his side to “devilry” was not the cause of poverty in their villages. Rumor has it that once there disappeared people, whose bodies so no one will find …

Apparently, Barerru these legends are not impressive, since he went into self-imposed exile on this island, making it even more scary, frightening and ugly. Read the rest of this entry »

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